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8 Practical Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Kids to Code

Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Kids to Code

Whether you have a career in computer science or whether you are a newbie that is interested in supporting your child’s interests, the art of teaching the basics of programing to kids can be a challenging task.   Common questions that we encounter running a successful online kids coding academy are numerous. When is the best age…

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4 Ways a Code Academy Can Change Your Child’s Future

Python programming

While some parents feel that coding is an extremely complex subject that should be introduced later on in their kids’ lives, research has shown that today’s children are capable of starting programming as early as age five.   Over the last five years, we have seen hundreds of kids coding academies crop up in cities…

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Why Kids Should Learn Computer Programming (And 5 Quick Tips to Help Them Get Started)

coding for beginners

Today’s kids have remarkably different childhoods than previous generations.   Naturally, just like Baby Boomers or other generations of the past, youngsters in the 21st century are raised by helpful parents and family members, while also becoming subject to the influences from  complex socio-economic and cultural factors of their time.   But children today are experiencing an influence that…

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