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What’s it like to be a Game Designer?

Each month, CodaKid interviews professional game designers, computer programmers, and digital artists with the goal of giving students insight on...

David Dodge by David Dodge

CodaKid Summer Tech Camp FAQ

Greetings Friends of CodaKid! We’ve received quite a few phone calls and emails regarding CodaKid’s Summer Tech Camps in Scottsdale, and...

David Dodge by David Dodge

CodaKid Launches Kids Coding Classes in North Scottsdale!

CodaKid, a Scottsdale-based kids computer programming and game design academy, announced that it will be offering classes for ages 7...

David Dodge by David Dodge

6 Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Coding

Many parents are encouraging their kids to learn coding at an early age. Much of this is fueled by the...

David Dodge by David Dodge

CodaKid Announces Kids Minecraft Summer Camps in Scottsdale

CodaKid has announced two new additions to its summer tech camp roster: 3D Game Design with Minecraft® and Minecraft® Modding...

David Dodge by David Dodge

Interview with CodaKid

  By Alex Carbajal CodaKid, a Kids Computer Programming and Game Design studio, launched in Old Town Scottsdale in winter...

David Dodge by David Dodge