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Minecraft Shortcuts | The Ultimate Guide

As a sandbox, crafting-based video game that offers worlds of “limitless possibilities” where players can build, mine, battle, and explore...

by David Dodge

How to Build Confidence in Kids | A Practical Guide for Parents

As parents, we all know how important it is for a child to be confident. As much as possible, we...

by David Dodge

Minecraft Redstone | The Ultimate Guide, Tutorials, and Ideas

One of the reasons we encourage coding for kids so much is because it can help kids practice and refine...

by David Dodge

Minecraft Villager Trading – The Ultimate Guide

Trading is an awesome feature in Minecraft that allows players to swap their items with in-game non-player characters for potentially...

by David Dodge

Roblox Parental Controls | The Essential Guide

If your child plays Roblox – or has expressed an interest in playing Roblox – your initial reaction might be...

by David Dodge

Problem-Solving Activities for Kids | The Ultimate Parents’ Guide

No one likes dealing with problems, especially on a regular basis. So if that’s the case, why subject our kids...

by David Dodge