A Fun Class For Kids: A Fun Night Out For Parents!


Minecraft Java Code-a-Thons in Scottsdale

CodaKid hosts fun and exciting Modding for Minecraft® Code-a-thons Friday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at our teach studio in Old Town Scottsdale.


In these exciting workshops, kids learn Java™ while creating mods for the award-winning game Minecraft®. Join us for a coding jam for kids - and a fun night out for parents.


A great value and the

perfect intro to Codakid!

Old Town Scottsdale
Codakid Headquarters

4254 N Brown Ave,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Reservations required

Open to All Students

Fridays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

USB Drive recommended


How do I reserve Code-a-thons?

Returning CodaKid Customers: You may book Code-a-thons through our website. Groupon Customers: Reservations must be made online. Please select dates from rows that state Coda-thon for Groupon (New Customers Only) and include your Groupon voucher number in the registration form. Important note: Groupon is for new customers only and only 3 tickets may be purchased per family or group. No exceptions. Only Groupon customers with valid Groupon vouchers will be able to register Coda-thon for Groupon (New Customers Only) dates.

My child has no experience in computer programming. Will this class be too difficult for him?

90% of our code-a-thon students have no computer programming experience. Our Code-a-thon workshops have been designed for both beginners as well as more experienced students, and we do our best segment by age and experience to make sure that each workshop is at the appropriate level of rigor.

Are good typing skills required for Code-a-thons?

No. However we do recommend that students be able to type around 10 WPM to get maximum enjoyment from our code-a-thon classes.

Will my child be able to bring her mod home?

Yes. If your child would like to bring his or her mod home, we ask that you bring a flashdrive with a few megs of available space. If you do not have one or forget to bring one, CodaKid sells inexpensive flash drives on site.

Can my child play her mod on her XBox or Ipad version of Minecraft?

No. CodeKid mods can only be played on the PC or Mac version of Minecraft

Is this a drop off location or can parents stay at CodaKid during the Code-a-thon?

While most parents drop off their kids and enjoy the sights and fantastic restaurants in Old Town, parents are most welcome to stay at our academy during the session. We do not however allow parents to remain in the classrooms during sessions at we are almost always at maximum capacity.

If I buy more than one Code-a-thon, will my child repeat the same class over and over?

No. We always ensure that students never repeat the same mod. CodaKid has hundreds of hours of lesson curricula which allows us to offer new mods each week.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 48 hours or more before a Code-a-thon we will allow rebooking. If you cancel within 48 hours of an event or simply do not show, we will count your reservation as a used code-a-thon session.

I have purchased CodaKid classes or camps before. Can I buy a Groupon or Amazon Local for Code-a-thons?

No. Groupons and Amazon Local tickets are for new customers only.

A group of my friends and I want to buy multiple Groupons or Amazon Local tickets and we’d like to have all of the kids in the same classroom. Is this possible?

No. Groupon or Amazon Local tickets are restricted to 3 per family or group. If you would like to schedule a private class or party, please contact us at 480-405-2734 for pricing.

Once I have used my three Groupon or Amazon Local tickets, what are my options?

You can buy Code-a-thons at regular price from our website. Alternatively if you would like your child to develop his or her computer programming skills, you might try one of our after-school or weekend classes.


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CodaKid students learn real programming languages and build real software using the same tools that the pros use.



CodaKid teaches coding the way kids like to be taught with youthful teachers and YouTuber style



With CodaKid courses you get to keep the software, tools, and projects forever.


My sons love learning Java coding with CodaKid. The video lessons are high quality and very engaging.

We had an absolutely amazing experience. My children 9, 7, and 6 LOVED it.

From my 8-1/2 year old: "Too good. Too fun. Five stars!!!"