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CodaKid’s award-winning courses feature . Our online academy has taught over 50,000 kids and teens how to program using the same professional languages and tools used by professionals at companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. CodaKid has two great ways to learn how to code:

1) Our self-paced online courses

2) Our private 1-on-1 online lessons.

CodaKid’s self-paced online courses are great for self-starters and feature over 700 hours of student projects. CodaKid also provides awesome support from a team of engineers and teachers to help you solve problems through chat or screen share if you ever get stuck or have questions.

CodaKid’s private 1-on-1 online lessons are the fastest way to learn how to code. Working 1-on-1 over Zoom with your own private instructor, CodaKid students work their way through CodaKid’s structured curriculum and complete weekly homework assignments, receive weekly progress reports, and more.