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2018-19 Winter Coding and Game Design Camps

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CodaKid students learn real programming languages and build real software using the same tools that the pros use.



We teach kids computer programming using things that they are already interested in like Minecraft, games, and apps!



All of our camps feature physical activities, treasure hunts, and other off-computer activities.

Come experience the CodaKid difference!

We are passionate about equipping the next generation of coders, designers, and innovators with the skills and knowledge to build amazing programs, games and apps. Through our innovative curricula, student centered approach, and cutting edge technology, we enrich the lives of students with 21st century technology skills.

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drone programming with Arduino

Drone and Robot Jr.
Makers Camp

In this Camp, students will program real robots and drones using SNAP! a block based language that makes coding easy and understandable for beginners.

The camp will feature lots of designing, building, and off-computer activities.

Dates: Dec 26th - 28th
Ages 6-9
Level: Beg
Price: $299


unreal development

3D Game Development with Unreal 4

In this new Unreal Engine 4 camp the student will go over how to make their very own 3rd person shooter-style game in the vein of Battlefront and Fortnite.

Students will master the Blueprints scripting language and concepts including Artificial Intelligence (AI) tasks and logic.

Dates: Dec 26th - 28th
Ages 10-14
Level: Beg-Int
Price: $299


mod creation foundations

Mod Creation Essentials
With Minecraft

In this introductory course to Minecraft Modding, younger students will learn how to use the Eclipse text editor and make awesome custom mods.

Students will build an amazing axe that shoots fireballs and an awesome repulsion shield into the air using Java.

Dates: Jan 2nd - 4th
Ages 7-14
Level: Beg-Int
Price: $299


app development infnite runner

3D Game Development with Roblox
Battle Royale

In this camp, students will create a custom Battle Royale style multiplayer game using Lua scripting and the Roblox Studio Editor.

Students will master important coding concepts such as conditionals, loops, variables, arrays, and more.

Dates: Jan 2nd - 4th
Ages: 9-13
Level: Beg-Int
Price: $299

Kids Coding &
Game Design Classes

Afterschool and weekend classes for ages 6 to 15


Kids Online
Coding Courses

Self-paced learning for ages 7 to 15


CodaKid is one of ActivityHero’s
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My kids had a blast - would definitely have them attend again! - Elizabeth, April 2016


My sons love learning Java coding with CodaKid. The video lessons are high quality and very engaging.

We had an absolutely amazing experience. My children 9, 7, and 6 LOVED it.

From my 8-1/2 year old: "Too good. Too fun. Five stars!!!"