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Minecraft for Kids | The Essential Guide

minecraft for kids

Minecraft is an incredibly popular, open-world sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios in 2011. The virtual world of blocks allows players to create almost anything they can imagine with the resources they collect while playing. It also has an online multiplayer feature that allows people to join servers and build with other players.   …

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Online Game School | Everything You Need to Know

Game school online 2

Are you interested in learning more about the video game industry but don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you’re an experienced game developer looking for a new challenge? Either way, a game school online might be right for you. These schools offer a variety of courses in video game design and development, so…

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How To Make A Video Game | A Guide for Kids

How To Code A Game

Making a video game is no easy task. So many different pieces need to come together to create a successful game. In this blog post, we will outline the process of making a video game and give you a few tips on getting started. If you’re thinking about making a game, read on!   How…

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Video Game Classes | What You Need to Know

video game classes

It is no secret that video games are a staple in the lives of many youngsters and young adults. While it is enjoyable to partake in video games for purely recreational purposes, many gamers are looking to take their love for gaming to new levels by enrolling in video game classes. Video game classes allow…

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