• Deep Expertise. Singular Focus
    At CodaKid, we think it’s better to be awesome at one thing than good at multiple. That’s why we do one thing and one thing only: teach kids how to code.
  • Coding Instruction for the Real World
    We strive to create independence with the skills we teach. Our courses are designed to teach kids not only how to write code, but also to thoroughly understand the concepts. That’s why we developed the CodaKid Mastery Method.
  • Fun and Engaging Curricula
    Our main goal is to prepare our students for the future with 21st century skills, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun while we’re doing it, right? Not only are our instructors fun and engaging, we also teach our kids using the platforms they already love like Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, Unreal Engine and more!!
  • Professional Tools and Languages
    While visual block languages are a great place to start, they can only take you so far. That’s why we use real, text-based languages and professional development software to create our courses- the same kind used at places like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.
What Parents Are Saying About Our Coding Classes
  • Jo Warn, Grandparent
    We love everything about CodaKid! The customer service is great. They’re flexible and easy to work with. Our 7 year old grandson has been working with his tutor for over a year and it’s exciting to watch him learn and grow. Ethan has an incredible way of communicating and interacting with Jonathan which makes every coding class so beneficial and an exciting part of Jonathan’s education. What great instructors CodaKid choose. I highly recommend CodaKid!
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  • Tomáš Baránek, Parent
    We are very happy with CodaKid Coding Academy. Our son is learning Java and Minecraft modding. He enjoys it a lot and made a huge leap in his skills.
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  • Terrence Masson, Parent
    I’ve tried several online 1-on-1 coding classes for my son (starting at age 7, he’s now 9) and CodaKid is outstanding in the quality of its instructors and ease of operation; he’s doing Java coding for Minecraft mods and LOVES it. Highly recommended.
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  • Ci Tro, Parent
    My 12 year old loved their Minecraft programming course. It kick-started his interest in computer science. A huge plus for busy parents is the outstanding and swift support from CodaKid. No frustrating long deadlock, but friendly, competent help to keep the kids going and exploring. Brilliant!
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