What We Do

CodaKid is a woman and minority-owned business whose mission is to empower the next generation of coders, creators, and entrepreneurs to use their skills to make the world a better place

CodaKid Core Team

Lauren Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO

Lauren Nguyen, JD/MBA, co-founded CodaKid in 2014 and is responsible for its growth into a leading online coding academy with students in over 120 countries. Lauren oversees strategic planning, operations, and finance at CodaKid. In her free time, she likes playing with her daughter, cooking, traveling, and taking barre classes.

David Dodge,
Co-Founder and Director

David Dodge, MBA, is a veteran game designer, software architect, author, and educator who is credited on over 30 games for the Sony Playstation, SEGA, and the PC. David oversees product development, business development and marketing for CodaKid. In his free time, David enjoys chasing his daughter around, playing guitar, traveling, and cooking with his wife and co-founder Lauren.

Matthew Stinson, Product Development Lead

Matt is an accomplished game designer, programmer, and author who has created scores of CodaKid courses as well as co-authoring CodaKid’s book Scratch Coding for Beginners. Starting as a CodaKid instructor in 2018, Matt now manages our global product development team. Matt earned his degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

Matthew Kirstein,
Technical Support Head

Matthew is a self-taught programmer who has been at CodaKid since our founding in 2014. Matthew leads our global support team that helps online students fix bugs and better understand coding concepts. In his free time, he enjoys long walks on the beach and playing World of Warcraft.

Our Core Values
  • We delight kids and wow parents
  • We create fun and a little wackiness
  • We pursue growth and learning with coding, gaming, and education
  • We build open and honest relationships with communication
  • We build a positive team spirit
  • We do more with less & think outside the box
  • We constantly improve
  • We work with diligence and drive with tenacity
  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We give back to our communities
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CodaKid is an online kids coding academy and tech camp that teaches kids to create games, apps, and Minecraft mods using real programming languages and professional tools.

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CodaKid Online Coding Academy for Kids
  • What is CodaKid’s mission?
    CodaKid aims to educate the next generation of coders, empowering them to use their skills to contribute positively to the world. They focus on teaching kids through engaging and fun methods, like game design, to foster a deep understanding of coding and its applications.
  • Who leads the CodaKid team?
    CodaKid is led by David Dodge, a veteran game designer with extensive experience in the industry, and Lauren Nguyen, an education entrepreneur with a strong background in operations and finance. Their team also includes experts in coding instruction, curriculum development, and tech support.
  • What types of courses does CodaKid offer?
    CodaKid provides online coding courses that teach kids how to create games, apps, and mods using real programming languages and professional tools. Their self-paced classes are supported by live help from experienced engineers.
  • How does CodaKid ensure a high-quality learning experience?
    CodaKid emphasizes a student-centered approach with small group attention, utilizing courses designed to not only teach coding but to also understand the concepts deeply. This method encourages students to independently apply their skills in real-world scenarios.
  • What makes CodaKid different from other coding camps?
    CodaKid distinguishes itself through its commitment to making coding incredibly engaging by focusing on game design. This unique approach, combined with their emphasis on real-world skills and professional tools, sets them apart from traditional coding education platforms.



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