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more than 10,000 students

Experience is everything. CodaKid has taught nearly 10,000 kids how to build games, apps, and Minecraft mods

over 100,000 hours of coding

CodaKid students build real software using professional programming languages and cutting edge tools.

20 countries & counting

CodaKid students speak over 30 languages, but share one common language - the language of code.

the best instructors

CodaKid instructors are coders, designers, and teachers with the gift of making coding fun and engaging.


Gain Skills

Kids learn the foundations of programming concepts, including if-then statements, variables, and complex logic


Real Code Creation

Kids complete the process of designing a mod or app, including design and programming.


Professional Software

Kids learn to use the software professionals use, such as Eclipse or Atom.

CodaKid’s goal is to create a generation of young programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs who can build amazing games, apps, and more. By making computer programming incredibly fun and engaging through game design, CodaKid students will gain the motivation  to learn to code in actual development environments while developing real world skills.


CodaKid is one of ActivityHero’s
Best Camps, Classes and Kids’ Activities of 2016


My kids had a blast - would definitely have them attend again! - Elizabeth, April 2016


My sons love learning Java coding with CodaKid. This is a great program where they learn how to build Minecraft mods. The video lessons are high quality and very engaging.

CodaKid provides a great way to teach kids how to code using real languages. This is where the future is at!

From my 8 1/2 year old: "Too good. Too fun. Five stars!!!"