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Making Your Own Website for Kids | The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, kids can easily create award-winning games (that generate actual revenue!) using tools like Roblox and Roblox Studio. They can...

David Dodge by David Dodge

Computer Basics for Kids | Everything You Need to Know

With how fast technology has advanced and how widely it’s spread, it should come as no surprise that computers now...

David Dodge by David Dodge

13 Minecraft Builds You Didn’t Know You Could Make (No Mods)

A huge part of what makes Minecraft such an amazingly addictive game is how seemingly limitless it is in terms...

David Dodge by David Dodge

15 Best Minecraft Castles | Ultimate Guide, Tutorials, and Build Ideas

Do you know why Minecraft, despite being more than a decade old, remains so popular? What’s the secret behind this...

David Dodge by David Dodge

Computational Thinking For Kids | Why is it Important?

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” – Roger Lewin   We feel this...

David Dodge by David Dodge

Roblox Scripts | The Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating the next Theme Park Tycoon 2 or Jailbreak Roblox hit, you’re in luck! Roblox...

David Dodge by David Dodge