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Computer Science for Kids | The Ultimate Guide for Parents

More schools around the country have started to prioritize computer science for kids in their curriculum. A study by

by David Dodge

Best ​​Minecraft Survival Servers | Complete List

Minecraft Servers have always been the best way for players to experience Minecraft in a multiplayer setting. According to

by David Dodge

Top 15 Best Coding Books for Kids in 2021

Table of Contents Top 15 Best Coding Books for Kids in 20211. The Official ScratchJr Book: Help Your Kids Learn...

by David Dodge

Minecraft Screenshots: The Ultimate Guide [2021]

Did you know that you can take screenshots of Minecraft in-game? This probably isn’t even news to veteran Minecraft-ers, but...

by David Dodge

21 Best Coding Games for Kids: The Best Way to Teach Computer Programming

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were a total of 2.5 million people employed in...

by David Dodge

Top 12 Kids Coding Languages of 2021

At the rate our society has become so dependent on technology, it’s safe to say that basic computer programming is...

by David Dodge