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How to Install Minecraft Mods – The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Minecraft is a fairly magical sandbox game that, to this day, has yet to run out of popularity. Some may...

David Dodge by David Dodge

Minecraft Pixel Art | The Ultimate Guide, Tutorials, & Creative Ideas

You’ve probably seen them floating around the internet (especially on Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit). Pixelated pictures and drawings of practically...

David Dodge by David Dodge

11 Best Minecraft Mods | 2021 Edition

2020 was a challenging year, but on a brighter note it gave us some pretty decent Minecraft mods. Just when...

David Dodge by David Dodge

9 Creative Minecraft Farms for Ideas and Inspiration

Minecraft doesn’t teach players to manage resources so much as it teaches them to hoard resources. And to be resourceful....

David Dodge by David Dodge

Top 11 Minecraft Addons for Interesting Gameplay

As a Minecraft player, you’re probably no stranger to mods. You know, those lovely little packages you add on to...

David Dodge by David Dodge

7 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Platforms

As of 2020, Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies and has garnered a fairly large community with more than...

David Dodge by David Dodge