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BitsBox Review: Everything You Need to Know

Bitsbox Review

If you’ve been looking for resources to help your child or student learn how to code, you’ve probably stumbled across a variety of options. There’s also a fair chance that you’ve heard about BitsBox at some point in your journey!   Here at CodaKid, we love additional resources like this. It can really help to…

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Osmo Review: Everything You Need to Know

When we review products and software that teach coding for kids, we set aside several hours to observe our students interacting with each product or website.   In the case of Osmo, I have personally spent over a year observing my six-year-old daughter playing with the Creative Set, Pizza Co., and Coding Jam.   In…

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Why Coding Games is the Best Way to Teach Kids Computer Programming

coding games

Many people ask us why we teach kids to code by building games and apps rather than with more academic software projects. Common questions we receive are: “Is what you’re teaching really transferable?” “Won’t kids fall away once they realize that coding in the real world isn’t all fun and games?” These are perfectly understandable…

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