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Minecraft Hacks | The Complete Guide

minecraft hacks

Despite being released almost 11 years ago, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games globally for children and even pro-gamers.   Minecraft has many things to offer with its unique gameplay that lets you build your own home, an entire village, a set of armor, or just about anything you can imagine.   This…

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Best PC Build for Minecraft | The Essential Guide

Best pc for minecraft

Want to know why Minecraft is a top favorite for kids and gamers of all ages? It’s a game that lets you create almost anything. Users can craft anything including their own homes, their own armor, and even forge their own tools. It’s also an excellent way to teach coding for kids!    But, if…

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How to Boost Minecraft FPS – The Ultimate Guide

minecraft fps

Today we are going to show you how to boost FPS on Minecraft.   While Minecraft looks like a not-so-complicated low-maintenance game, its simple aesthetic doesn’t always run seamlessly when it comes to performance.    For those who have weaker hardware, upgrading your setup could be a good option. If you need help with this,…

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Your Quick Cheat Sheet On How To Build Minecraft Roofs

minecraft roofs

Today, we are going to give you a quick cheat sheet that will help you build some awesome Minecraft roofs.   Roofing your home is the hardest part of building a structure in the Minecraft realm. In order for your child to survive Minecraft’s gameplay and defend themselves against the evil mobs, building a home…

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Minecraft Netherite | The Complete Guide

minecraft netherite

Launched in May 2009, Minecraft never fails to inspire more players to create and build worlds from scratch.   Minecraft has grown such a loyal following that people of almost all ages play Minecraft to express their creativity.   Minecraft is also one of our biggest inspirations in creating a coding guide for kids using…

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How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft | The Ultimate Guide

how to find diamonds in minecraft

Thinking about learning how to mine one of the most precious materials in Minecraft?    Minecraft diamonds are situated anywhere below layer 16. But, if you are using the Minecraft 1.18 update or newer, you might experience modified ore distribution.   In this article, we will tell you how you can unearth diamonds in Minecraft…

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How To Configure and Optimize Minecraft Server Properties

Minecraft server properties

Coding is like an art for your kids to learn and enjoy at the same time. It’s like a form of self-expression to create something new in a fun, interactive, and safe way. And this is why we’ve partnered with Minecraft- to give your kids a memorable kind of learning while encouraging them to solve…

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Minecraft Shortcuts | The Ultimate Guide

Minecraft Shortcuts

As a sandbox, crafting-based video game that offers worlds of “limitless possibilities” where players can build, mine, battle, and explore just about anything they set their mind to, one can imagine just how vast Minecraft is.    Multiple worlds, multiple game modes, and multiple play options make it so that one rarely runs out of…

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Minecraft Redstone | The Ultimate Guide, Tutorials, and Ideas

Minecraft redstone idea

One of the reasons we encourage coding for kids so much is because it can help kids practice and refine their creativity in a safe and entertaining way. The same could be said for Minecraft, a popular sandbox game that allows players to build virtually anything they can think of.   It’s true! With just…

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Minecraft Villager Trading – The Ultimate Guide

minecraft villager trades guide

Trading is an awesome feature in Minecraft that allows players to swap their items with in-game non-player characters for potentially better items. Some items, in fact, can only be acquired through trading! If you’ve got a lot of random items that you can afford to give up (like coal, raw meat, etc.), you can participate…

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