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Minecraft Redstone | The Ultimate Guide, Tutorials, and Ideas

Minecraft redstone idea

One of the reasons we encourage coding for kids so much is because it can help kids practice and refine their creativity in a safe and entertaining way. The same could be said for Minecraft, a popular sandbox game that allows players to build virtually anything they can think of.   It’s true! With just…

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Minecraft Villager Trading – The Ultimate Guide

minecraft villager trades guide

Trading is an awesome feature in Minecraft that allows players to swap their items with in-game non-player characters for potentially better items. Some items, in fact, can only be acquired through trading! If you’ve got a lot of random items that you can afford to give up (like coal, raw meat, etc.), you can participate…

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15 Little Known Minecraft Tips to Up Your Game!

minecraft tips

It’s been a little over a decade since Mojang Studios released their award-winning game, Minecraft. Since then, players have tirelessly explored this sandbox world, consuming everything it has had to offer.    From hidden worlds to helpful cheats, player-created Minecraft mods to detailed walk-throughs, there’s never a lack of content in the Minecraft community.  …

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Best ​​Minecraft Survival Servers | Complete List

minecraft survival servers list

Minecraft Servers have always been the best way for players to experience Minecraft in a multiplayer setting. According to (an official server-tracking platform), there are currently 32,813 registered active Minecraft Servers.   That’s a lot.   With literally thousands to choose from, how do you know which ones are safe to join? We decided…

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Minecraft Screenshots: The Ultimate Guide [2022]

minecraft screenshots guide

Did you know that you can take screenshots of Minecraft in-game? This probably isn’t even news to veteran Minecraft-ers, but to newer players? It could be. After all, copyright protection laws have recently become a lot stricter and a lot less lenient, and many games and apps don’t allow users to freely take screenshots while…

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15 Best Minecraft Toys Your Child Will Love in 2022

minecraft toys

There’s always going to be a special occasion for your kid, right? Especially when they’re young. Christmas, birthdays, New Year, Easter, a school victory … in one year, there are at least two opportunities for gift-giving.   If your kid is a big Minecraft fan, then you’re in luck. There are hundreds of awesome Minecraft…

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How to Play Minecraft with Friends | The Complete Guide

how to play Minecraft with friends

How to Play Minecraft with Friends   Here at CodaKid, we recognize the importance of community. Independence and self-sufficiency may be important, but group learning is always welcome. It’s why we encourage parents to sit in with their children as they learn coding with Roblox or Minecraft.   This sense of community is, I believe,…

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15 Best Minecraft Servers | The Ultimate 2022 Guide

best Minecraft servers

It should come as no surprise by now that the Minecraft community is home to some of the most creative and ambitious minds on the planet. From complex, fully functional mods to beautiful, award-worthy cinematic shaders, Minecraft players are capable of some truly awe-inspiring development feats.    The game’s sandbox world—coupled with its free-form, there-are-no-rules…

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13 Minecraft Builds You Didn’t Know You Could Make (No Mods)

Minecraft Builds

A huge part of what makes Minecraft such an amazingly addictive game is how seemingly limitless it is in terms of building. There are very few rules and boundaries in place, consequently encouraging creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It’s essentially a space where you can build whatever you want. All you need are the resources, the patience,…

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