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Problem-Solving Activities for Kids | The Ultimate Parents’ Guide

Problem-Solving Activities for Kids - Dad Helping Daughter

No one likes dealing with problems, especially on a regular basis. So if that’s the case, why subject our kids to problem solving?   There are so many published studies talking about the benefits of problem-solving activities for kids. Plenty of child development experts insist on introducing children to intentional – but hypothetical – problems…

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Helping Your Child Focus in School | Parenting Tips

helping your child focus in school

Kids can be quite easily distracted.    We can’t really blame them now, can we? After all, there are still so many things they’ve yet to experience. And a good number of the stimuli they encounter are new to them. So regardless of whether they’re naturally excitable or not, it can be quite the feat…

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Computer Basics for Kids: Parts of a Computer

parts of a computer

The thought of learning different computer parts can be daunting—especially since it’s an incredibly complex and delicate piece of equipment. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! In fact, what if we told you that computers really only have four major parts?   It’s true!   Yes, those parts can technically be broken down further into…

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15 Best Laptops for Kids | Unbiased Review

best laptops for kids

In today’s technology-driven world, buying laptops for kids has be come a priority for many parents. There’s only so much kids can do on regular smartphones, and piggy-backing on someone else’s computer – like a sibling or parent’s – often causes issues at home and work.   But how do you go about choosing a…

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Computer Science for Kids | The Ultimate Guide for Parents

computer science for kids

More schools around the country have started to prioritize computer science for kids in their curriculum. A study by tells us that 45% of US high schools have added it to the required syllabus. This means that more kids and teenagers will be introduced to the basics of CS – such as programming and…

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Top 15 Best Coding Books for Kids in 2022

coding books for kids

Top 15 Best Coding Books for Kids in 2022   Teaching coding for kids generally involves a few things: a computer or device capable of programming, a scriptwriter or coding platform, an instructor, and a coding language. A lot of educational websites and coding games for kids provide the last two or three items—students simply…

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15 Best Minecraft Toys Your Child Will Love in 2022

minecraft toys

There’s always going to be a special occasion for your kid, right? Especially when they’re young. Christmas, birthdays, New Year, Easter, a school victory … in one year, there are at least two opportunities for gift-giving.   If your kid is a big Minecraft fan, then you’re in luck. There are hundreds of awesome Minecraft…

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Making Your Own Website for Kids | The Ultimate Guide

making your own website for kids

Nowadays, kids can easily create award-winning games (that generate actual revenue!) using tools like Roblox and Roblox Studio. They can also code working modifications for existing computer games like Minecraft.   Therefore, it should come as no surprise that kids, if they want to, are perfectly capable of making their own websites. Kids are far…

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Computer Basics for Kids | Everything You Need to Know

computer basics for kids

With how fast technology has advanced and how widely it’s spread, it should come as no surprise that computers now play a huge role in our everyday lives. From the smartphones we use to contact friends to the tablets we bring around to manage files, many of us are dependent (at varying lengths) on technology. …

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Computational Thinking For Kids | Why is it Important?

Computational Thinking for kids

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” – Roger Lewin   We feel this quote best summarizes where certain educational systems could be lacking. When teachers and students desire good grades more than knowledge, therein lies a risk of underdeveloped skills. It’s true; many of us may, unconsciously, encourage…

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