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ScratchJr Review | The Ultimate 2022 Guide

ScratchJr guide

Is it possible to teach coding for kids younger than 7 years of age? Popular children’s app ScratchJr seems to think so. That’s why CodaKid decided to do a ScratchJr Review.    Ever since July 2014, this interactive programming platform has proven that, with the right tools and some can-do attitude, kids as young as…

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12 Best Coding Gifts for Kids

Best Coding Gifts for Kids

What are the best coding gifts for kids?    We get asked this question a lot from our CodaKid families, parents, and instructors. We completely understand why; educational toys are great, but so many fail to hit the perfect balance between educational and entertaining. Some toys that are marketed as learning toys don’t offer enough…

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Codemoji Review – Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Codemoji Review

2A uniquely engaging tool that promises to teach coding for kids with the help of emojis (of all things), Codemoji’s concept is certainly an interesting one. But is this rare feature the only positive thing about this platform, or is Codemoji one of the rare few that excel both in concept and execution? CodaKid decided…

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Code Monster Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Code Monster Review

There are a couple of dozen online platforms out there that effectively teach coding for kids. Because of this, more and more children are learning the fundamentals of programming early in life—and all the skills that come with it.   Although not all programs are as effective or user-friendly as some parents would like it…

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8 Best Coding for Girls Platforms in 2022

8 Best Coding for Girls Platforms

Research has shown that learning to code helps develop other practical skills, like problem solving and creativity. Given how dependent current society is on technology, it makes sense that occupations and careers in related fields would be largely in-demand.   Unfortunately, there is a very noticeable gender gap in meeting this demand. Male designers, developers,…

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13 Best E-Learning Websites For Kids in 2022

13 Best E-Learning Websites For Kids

Whether they love science and want to know more about volcanoes or they’re struggling with math and would love some help with multiplying fractions, e-learning for kids is an effective solution to almost any academic need.   Children are young, bright, and open to learning new things. Many online programs are tailored to teach them…

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19 Best Educational Games For Kids in 2022

19 Best Educational Games for Kids

A lot of children—and even some grownups—view vacation time as a break from school and, therefore, a break from learning.   This doesn’t have to be true.   Even if your child isn’t in the classroom, there’s no reason he/she can’t continue his/her education.  Thanks to a number of new and innovative companies, there are…

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Top 7 Coding Tools for Teens

Coding Tools for Teens

Top 7 Coding Tools for Teens   Over the past two decades, technology has become increasingly prevalent—and increasingly accessible—in everyday life. Tools and technology that were considered exclusive (or even impossible) ten, fifteen years ago are now being used in normal, run-of-the-mill situations without a second thought.    And despite technology’s undeniably dominant presence in…

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Roblox Review: Is Roblox Safe For my Child?

The secret sauce behind smash hit video game Roblox is threefold. First, Roblox games are addictively fun for all ages and there are thousands of them. Second, Roblox allows its millions of users to share their games and other creations similar to the way in which people share content on YouTube. Third, it has developed…

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