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Coding for 14-Year-Olds – The Ultimate 2023 Guide

coding for 14-year-olds

Coding for 14-Year-Olds – The Ultimate 2023 Guide   Age 14 is a perfect age to learn computer programming. For one, 14-year-old students have several advantages in learning coding than their younger counterparts. Their schooling has introduced them to basic algebra, making it easy to grasp the math involved in computer programming, most notably algorithms. …

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UEFN Tutorial – How to Make a Fortnite Game

UEFN Game Development

What is UEFN?   The Unreal Editor for Fortnite, or UEFN for short, is a small slice of the powerful Unreal game engine that has been designed solely for developing custom maps and game modes for the mega-popular game Fortnite.   UEFN is a great tool for those who want an introduction to the Unreal…

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50 Best STEM Competitions and Events in 2023

Students prepping for STEM event

Are you ready to take on the exciting world of STEM competitions and events in 2023? If you want your kids to stay ahead of the game and dive into thrilling challenges that push the boundaries of science, technology, engineering, and math, this is their chance.    STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and…

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Coding for 12 Year Olds – The Ultimate Guide

12 year old boy coding on laptop

In today’s digital age, where technology plays a significant role in our lives, coding has emerged as a powerful tool for communication with computers. Often referred to as computer programming, coding involves creating sets of instructions that guide computers to perform specific actions. By mastering this skill, individuals can communicate their ideas and creativity to…

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Coding for 8 Year Olds – The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Coding for 8 Year Olds – The Ultimate Guide in 2023   As a parent, you want your child to be successful in tomorrow’s world, and you know that tech skills will be an important part of their future. Do you ever feel like your child’s curriculum doesn’t emphasize tech skills enough? Do you want…

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The Definitive Guide to Video Game Genres and Game Types

video game genres

Today we are going to learn everything there is to know about video game genres, subgenres, and game types. This guide is the longest and most detailed of its kind, and it provides a thorough overview of every video game category ever created along with video trailers of sample games from each genre.   At…

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ScratchJr Review | The Ultimate Guide

ScratchJr guide

Is it possible to teach coding for kids younger than 7 years of age? Popular children’s app ScratchJr seems to think so. That’s why CodaKid decided to do a ScratchJr Review.    Ever since July 2014, this interactive programming platform has proven that, with the right tools and some can-do attitude, kids as young as…

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12 Best Coding Gifts for Kids

Best Coding Gifts for Kids

What are the best coding gifts for kids?    We get asked this question a lot from our CodaKid families, parents, and instructors. We completely understand why; educational toys are great, but so many fail to hit the perfect balance between educational and entertaining. Some toys that are marketed as learning toys don’t offer enough…

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Codemoji Review – Everything You Need to Know

Codemoji Review

2A uniquely engaging tool that promises to teach coding for kids with the help of emojis (of all things), Codemoji’s concept is certainly an interesting one. But is this rare feature the only positive thing about this platform, or is Codemoji one of the rare few that excel both in concept and execution? CodaKid decided…

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Code Monster Review: Everything You Need to Know

Code Monster Review

There are a couple of dozen online platforms out there that effectively teach coding for kids. Because of this, more and more children are learning the fundamentals of programming early in life—and all the skills that come with it.   Although not all programs are as effective or user-friendly as some parents would like it…

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