CodaKid, a kids coding academy is launching its summer camps for a fifth year in 4 locations throughout the Phoenix Valley area.


Students aged 6 to 16 will be able to learn coding and game design in a fun and positive environment, while working in the same building with a software development team that produces award-winning courses for kids around the world. The full day camps occur weekly and take place from 9am to 4pm.


“Taking coding camps at CodaKid is a really special experience, and we have many families that are now returning for their fifth season. We are excited to launch all new camps this year, and give kids an experience that they cannot get in school or in other tech camps, ” says David Dodge, CodaKid’s CEO.


CodaKid’s sites this year will include  Old Town Scottsdale, BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Peoria, and ASEDS.


Several new camps will be added to this year’s program:  


Game Development with Roblox – Battle Royale (Ages 8+)


This introductory camp will allow children to build their own Battle Royale multi-player game using Lua programming and Roblox Studio editor. Students will learn coding concepts such as conditionals, loops, functions, and more, while creating and testing their very own Fortnite-style laser tag game using Roblox Studio.


kids coding camps


3D Game Development with Unity and C# – Super CodaKart Racing (Ages 10+)


This camp will allow students to build their own MarioKart-style racing game using Unity, a professional game engine and reality simulator that is used by gaming companies and artificial intelligence companies throughout the world. 


Minecraft® Mod Creation – Artificial Intelligence and Mob Programming (Ages 7+)


This introductory Minecraft Modding camp will teach students how to create their own Minecraft enemies and use Java programming to give them special behaviors. This camp is perfect for creative students who enjoying Minecraft and coding.


kids coding camps


CodaKid Robotics – Self-Driving Cars and Machine Learning (Ages 7+)


This exciting camp will teach students valuable real-world skills in robotics and AI. Students will program a robotic car to recognize gestures and self-navigate through a series of obstacles. Younger camps will use SNAP, a visual block language to program the cars, and older students will use Python, one of the most in-demand languages in the world.

kids coding camps

kids coding camps


3D Game Development with Unreal Engine 4 – Battlefront


This camp teaches students how to use the same professional game engine that was used to create the best-selling game Fortnite. Students will create a visually-stunning 3D robo-shooter game similar to Start Wars Battlefront and Fortnite, and learn importanty coding concepts with the Blueprints scripting language.


Minecraft® Modding Fundamentals – UltraCore (Ages 7+)


In this exciting classic, students will build a variety of custom mods including Lucky Blocks, while employing coding concepts such as methods, variables, loops, inheritance, and parameters.  CodaKid is known worldwide for our Minecraft Modding activities, and this camp will not disappoint.


Game Development with Roblox – Robux Tycoon

In this exciting camp, students will build their own Tycoon game using Lua programming, and then learn how to monetize it on the Roblox marketplace using upgrades and game passes. This creative camp is perfect for entrepreneurial kids who are interested in Roblox and coding.


To visit CodaKid’s camp page and view locations, camp description, watch camp videos, and more, please visit https://codakid.com/camps. 


CodaKid students have a balanced day that includes lots of physical exercise, team-building activities, gaming competitions, creative projects, Legos, chess, free time, and more!


To check out CodaKid’s reviews, you can visit Google Reviews and ActivityHero. 


We had an absolutely amazing experience. My children 9, 7, and 6 LOVED it. All were engaged and all said it was the best camp they have ever been to. The teachers were so kind and patient and David the owner worked so hard to make sure to create a camp that was a healthy and learning environment for all.

Nicole, Parent


For more information, or to receive a personalized recommendation on our camps, parents can reach CodaKid at 480-405-2734 or [email protected].


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