CodaKid, a kids coding and game design academy based in Scottsdale Arizona, has launched a self-paced, Online Minecraft Coding Class for kids ages 7 through 15. Called CodaKid Minecraft Modding Fundamentals, students learn the Java programming language by creating exciting “mods” (short for modifications) in Minecraft while using professional grade computer programming tools.


The online course is designed to provide each student with 40 hours of student projects with 10 hours of exciting HD instructional videos, and all software and support are included. The course retails for $249.



What does the Online Minecraft Coding Class Teach?


CodaKid’s Online Minecraft Coding Class teaches Java programming fundamentals such as Methods, Variables, For Loops, While Loops, Switch Statements, Parameters, Arrays, Array Lists, Inheritance, Object-Oriented Basics, and more. The course is taught in a fun and student-centered way and includes breakout videos, fun quizzes, and badges to increase engagement.


The online course is set up so that as students go through the chapters, they learn coding concepts in sequential steps using fun and often humorous breakout videos. There are an infinite amount of possible mods to create and the online modding class has been designed to encourage creativity and customization.




Who would most benefit from these classes?


Students who enjoy Minecraft will be especially motivated to learn Java coding, as it allows them to create new and unexpected things in the game that they love. Even after chapter one, students will experience that “ah ha” moment when they experience Minecraft game play with a mod that they created. While the course is recommended for students ages 7 to 15, we have received great reviews from students as young as 5 and adults in their 50s.


Some younger students may benefit from having a parent present during the course, which many parents have described as a great bonding experience and a positive, educational way for them to take part in their child’s Minecraft experience. If students experience difficulty, they can contact the CodaKid online instructional team using our easy support interface, or if it is a persistent issue one of the CodaKid staff can jump on a video screen share to solve the problem.




Who designed the class?


CodaKid’s design team consists of professional game developers, designers, and educators. CodaKid’s CEO David Dodge is a former game designer and software developer, and has been credited on over 30 video game titles for Sega, Sony, and the PC. CodaKid also employs professional educators and each of the classes that we release online has been tested on thousands of students in live classrooms in order to tweak, perfect, and release the most engaging classes possible.


What makes the CodaKid Minecraft Modding course unique?


As CodaKid CEO David Dodge put it: “CodaKid’s Online Minecraft Modding class is by far the most academic Minecraft Modding course available in the market, but we are also hearing that it’s the most fun. Many online kids coding courses use drag and drop interfaces to teach coding. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but CodaKid believes that today’s kids are ready for the real thing”, said Dodge.


“Coding has been traditionally taught using the ‘Hello World’ method where students start with a blank screen and print ‘Hello World’ on the screen. While this may work well for high school students or in credit-conferring environments, this approach is often too slow and boring for younger kids who will gradually fall away.”


The CodaKid Online Minecraft Coding class allows kids to create their own swords, pickaxes, biomes, crazy weapons, mobs, and more, providing them with additional motivation to learn the coding required to place their custom items in the game.


Is support provided?


Yes, every CodaKid online course comes with one year of free online support from our online teaching staff.


What if the course is too hard or my child doesn’t like it?


CodaKid offers a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee. If a customer decides that he or she does not like the course for any reason prior to completing the second chapter, CodaKid will provide you with a full refund.


To learn more about CodaKid’s Online Minecraft Modding Fundamentals class, you may visit the CodaKid website at www.codakid.com/online

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