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Level: Intermediate
Age: 12+
Duration: 40 Hours
Commitment: 9 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Create a Third Person Space Shooter Battlefront Game!

✔ Learn Blueprint Programming

✔ Learn about For Loops, Conditional Statements, and Artificial Intelligence

✔ Embark on 9 Epic Quests

✔ Complete 49 Coding Challenges

✔ Create Complex Artificial Intelligence Behavior and a Third Person Battle System


Recommended for students ages 12 and up

System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 or higher (Must be 64-bit) Mac: OS 10.13.5 High Sierra or higher

Must meet or exceed Unreal Engine Hardware and Software Specifications

Greater than 4-8 Mbps bandwidth. Test Your Network Speed.

3D Game Development 2 with Unreal
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Preparing Unreal
    See More
    Welcome to CodaKid Battlefront
    Installation for Windows and Mac
    Fixing Errors and Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: The Chosen One
    See More
    A Short Time Ago
    A Quick Review
    The Warrior is Born
    Squat Life
    Combat Ready
    Be the Bullet
    Shoot the Bullet
    Target Locked
    Create the Arena
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 2: A Sixth Sense
    See More
    Visualize Your Surroundings
    Heads Up!
    Aim True
    Only Mortal
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 3: Enemy Spotted
    See More
    The Droids We are Looking for
    Artificial Intelligence Part 1
    Do the Robot
    A Watchful Eye
    Search and Destroy
    Dodge the Red Lasers
    If it Sparks
    We can Kill it
    Artificial Intelligence Part 2
    Dying with Style
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 4: Mastering Design
    See More
    Becoming a Game Master
    Simple Geometry
    Creator of Worlds
    Cool Free Stuff
    All Out Design
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 5: All I do is Win
    See More
    Winner or Loser?
    Mainest of the Menus
    Loading Chapter Title....
    Deader than Dead
    Beat 'em All
  • Chapter 7
    Chapter 6: Overpowered
    See More
    Super Powers
    Health Packed
    Zoom Zoom
  • Chapter 8
    Chapter 7: Music to my Ears
    See More
    The Final Battle
    Hearing Footsteps
    Sweet Music
    Bug Fixes
    The Final Test
  • Chapter 9
    Chapter 8: Building the Game
    See More
    The Hero we don't Deserve
    Building the Game for Windows and Mac
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