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Level: Intro
Age: 6-9
Duration: 2 Hours
Commitment: 1 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Defeat the candy-stealing aliens and save the world!

✔ Learn the basics of JavaScript coding

✔ Learn about programming logic, functions, and variables

✔ Embark on 2 Epic Quests

✔ Complete 17 Coding Challenges

✔ Learn powerful moves on your epic adventure

Recommended for students ages 7 and up

System Requirements: Chrome 63 or higher, Edge 15 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher, Safari 11 or higher, Mobile Chrome 63 or higher, Mobile Safari 11 or higher. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

Greater than 4-8 Mbps bandwidth. Test Your Network Speed.

Candy Thieves From Outer Space: Text-Based Coding 101
  • Chapter 1
    Hero In Training
    See More
    The First Boop
    Get To The Bridge
    The Blockade
    Don't Get Wet
    This Is My Bridge!
    The Coast
    Code And Candy Thieves
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