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Level: Intermediate
Age: 12+
Duration: 30 Hours
Commitment: 7 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Create a 3D Racing Game in Unity!

✔ Learn C# Programming

✔ Learn about Classes, Foreach Loops, Switch Statements and Coroutines

✔ Embark on 7 Epic Quests

✔ Complete 44 Coding Challenges

✔ Create your custom Racetrack and a Racer customization menu


Recommended for students ages 11 and up

System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 or higher (Must be 64-bit) Mac: OS 10.12 or higher

Must meet or exceed Unity Engine Hardware and Software Specifications

Greater than 4-8 Mbps bandwidth. Test Your Network Speed.

CodaKart Racing with Unity and C#
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Installation and Setup
    See More
    Installing Unity Windows and Mac
    How to best take this Course
    Reviewing Unity and Visual Studio
    Debugging and Support in Unity
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: Create Your Character
    See More
    Speed Racer
    Learning the Ropes
    Pretty Fabulous Prefabs
    Make Your Racer
    Control Yourself Part 1
    Control Yourself Part 2
    Paparazzi Part 1
    Paparazzi Part 2
    Jump on it
    Paparazzi Part 3
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 2: Customize Your Track
    See More
    The Hottest Track
    The Great Landscape
    Textures and Free Stuff
    Decoration Shopping
    Track Master
    Wrap up your Level
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 3: Racing Logic
    See More
    Race to the Finish
    GUI Picasso
    GUI Van Gogh Gogh
    Speedrunner Part 1
    Freeze Frame
    Laps? Check
    Checkpoints? Check
    Speedrunner Part 2
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 4: Menus and Character Select
    See More
    Choose your Character
    Drop down and Button up
    Don't Press the Big Red Button
    Spin the Car
    Car Dealership
    Make a Makeover
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 5: Multiplayer Gaming
    See More
    What's on the Menu?
    Press Some Buttons
    Finish the Panel
    Winner Time
    Music through the Menus
    Multiplayer UI
    Multiplayer Part 1
    Multiplayer Part 2
    Race Your Friends... Or Enemies
  • Chapter 7
    Chapter 6: Build and Race
    See More
    Finish this Race
    Building the Game
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