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Level: Intermediate
Age: 10+
Duration: 30 Hours
Commitment: 12 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Create a top-down Robo-Zombie shooter!

✔ Learn Python Programming

✔ Learn about Functions, Parameters, Classes, and Inheritance

✔ Embark on 12 Epic Quests

✔ Complete 71 Coding Challenges

✔ Customize all of the artwork for your game

✔ Learn how to add new types of weapons


Recommended for students ages 10 and up

System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 or higher (Must be 64-bit) Mac: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

Greater than 4-8 Mbps bandwidth. Test Your Network Speed.

Game Programming with Python: Attack of the Robots
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Getting Started
    See More
    Robo-Course Intro
    Installation for Windows and Mac
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: Let The Games Begin
    See More
    Show Your Face
    Getting Started
    Take A Walk
    To The Left
    Chapter 1 Intro
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 2: Splashdown
    See More
    One Good Balloon
    Let's Get Sprite-y
    Take It For A Spin
    It's Rude To Stare
    The One Who Tosses
    Target Practice
    Pick A Speed
    Chapter 2 Intro
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 3: The Invasion
    See More
    Making Enemies
    Follow The Leader
    Water Damage
    Heavy Impact
    Watch Your Back
    Chapter 3 Intro
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 4: Hungry Robots
    See More
    Ghost Mode
    Bar Of Health
    Chapter 4 Intro
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 5: Crate Expectations
    See More
    Suddenly: A Crate
    Traffic Jam
    Get Mad
    Early Xmas
    Box Fort
    Chapter 5 Intro
  • Chapter 7
    Chapter 6: Explosions
    See More
    Baby Explosion
    Everything Explodes
    A Crate Is A Crate Is A Crate
    Not-So-Lucky Crate
    Boom Time
    The Domino Effect
    Chapter 6 Intro
  • Chapter 8
    Chapter 7: Crate Hoarder
    See More
    Power Up
    Finders Keepers
    Mix It Up
    No Hesitation
    Chapter 7 Intro
  • Chapter 9
    Chapter 8: Power Ups
    See More
    Chapter 8 Intro
    Three For One
    Water Fountain
    New Balloon
    Making A Splash
  • Chapter 10
    Chapter 9: HUD
    See More
    Chapter 9 Intro
    Counting Balloons
    How Did I Do? pt. 1
    How Did I Do? pt. 2
    Counting Crates
  • Chapter 11
    Chapter 10: Menus
    See More
    Chapter 10 Intro
    Title Screen
    Switching The State
    Game Over
    Full Reset
  • Chapter 12
    Chapter 11: Polish
    See More
    Chapter 11 Intro
    DIY Powerups pt. 1
    Hard Mode
    Title Polish
    DIY Powerups pt. 2
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