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Level: Beginner
Age: 10+
Duration: 1 Hour
Commitment: 2 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Create a Mad Libs style text game!

✔ Learn the basics of Python Programming

✔ Learn about variables, conditionals, and loops

✔ Complete 8 Coding Challenges

✔ Learn how to create a text game in Python


Recommended for students ages 10 and up

System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 or higher (Must be 64-bit) Mac: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

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Game Programming with Python: CodaBot Stories
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Setup
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    Creating Python Projects
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: Story Time!
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    Start the Stories
    What's the Word?
    Picking Your Stories
    The Proper Function
    Tell Your Own Story!
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