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Level: Advanced
Age: 10+
Duration: 30 Hours
Commitment: 10 lessons
Language: English
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In this course you will:

✔ Create a multiplayer Smash Bros-style fighting game!

✔ Learn Python Programming

✔ Learn about Clients, Servers, Dictionaries and Complex Conditional Statements

✔ Embark on 10 Epic Quests

✔ Complete 62 Coding Challenges

✔ Create different Fighters and Attacks


Recommended for students ages 12 and up

System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 or higher (Must be 64-bit) Mac: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

Greater than 4-8 Mbps bandwidth. Test Your Network Speed.

Game Programming with Python: CodaKid Smash
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Leaving The Lobby
    See More
    Setting Up To Smash
    Course Introduction
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: First Fighter
    See More
    The Lab Inside The Lab
    Fighter Image
    Fighter Class
    Taking Control
    Who Are You?
    Jumping... Or Flying
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 2: A Place To Stand
    See More
    The Floating Rectangle
    Platform Class
    Get On The Ground
    Free Fallin'
    Design Your Stage
    Walls / X Collisions
    Draw That Platform
    All The Platforms
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 3: Hitboxes Of Fury
    See More
    Just Hanging Out
    The Scary Box
    Hitbox Class
    Punching Left
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 4: Getting Hit
    See More
    First Smack
    Taking Damage
    Battle Of The Jacobs
    Draw That Percentage
    Different Attacks For Different Smacks
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 5: Animations
    See More
    Getting Animated
    An Animation Manager (And A Blue Blob)
    Attack States
    Run and Jump States
    My Very Own Animation Manager
    Plant Those Feet
    Some Polished Animations
    Lining Up The Hitboxes
    No More Floating
  • Chapter 7
    Chapter 6: Inside The Platform
    See More
    Watch Your Head
    Jump Thru
    Fast Fall
    Drop Thru
  • Chapter 8
    Chapter 7: A New Fighter Approaches
    See More
    A Good Jacob Or A Bad Jacob?
    Different Avatar Types
    Next Fighter, Previous Fighter
    The New Fighter
    Bring Your Own Animation Manager
    Multiple Manager Management
    A Whole New Moveset
    How To Add Another New Fighter
  • Chapter 9
    Chapter 8: Back To Life
    See More
    Oh, To Be Yote
    Come Back!
    Show Your Lives
    Hide Your Hitboxes
    Ok Stop Coming Back Now
  • Chapter 10
    Chapter 9: Ending And Restarting
    See More
    Returning In 3... 2... 1...
    Crowning The Winner
    Music & SFX Basics
    To Be Fair, I Never Said Anything About Leaving
    Back To The Lobby
    Announcing The Winner
    Getting Connected
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