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Level: Advanced
Age: 9+
Duration: 30 Hours
Commitment: 5 lessons
Language: English
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  • Course Content

In this course you will:

✔ Create an awesome Mining Simulator!

✔ Learn Lua Programming

✔ Use Conditionals, Loops, Functions and Events

✔ Embark on 5 Epic Quests

✔ Design your own custom quarry and map

✔ Make your own shop to purchase upgrades

✔ Design a custom GUI

Roblox Game Development: Mining Simulator
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 0: Welcome to Mining Sim
    See More
    Mine Time
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade
    See More
    Pickaxe and Backaxe
    Template and Tools Part 1
    Customize and Animate
    Cave Dive and Design
    Shopkeep Upkeep
    Template and Tools Part 2
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 2: Mine Full of Minerals
    See More
    Whistle While you Work
    Gems and Minerals
    In the Quarry Part 1
    In the Quarry Part 2
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 3: Clients, Servers, and Stats. Oh my!
    See More
    Track your Progress
    Pickaxe Part1
    Pickaxe Part 2
    Save your Work
    Click some Blocks
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 4: Good with the GUI
    See More
    Good Ol' Graphical User Interface
    Notice Me!
    Custom GUI
    Sell your Ore
    Upgrade your Tools
    Advertise your Products
    See our Shop
    Buy and Upgrade Part 1
    Shopping Part 1
    Shopping Part 2
    Audio and Upload
    Buy and Upgrade Part 2
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