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What is STEM? Guide for Parents

What is STEM

Well, the shortest, simplest answer would be that STEM is an acronym. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. However, the concept of STEM itself – as a teaching method, as an approach to education, as a standardized curriculum – is much more complicated. Ideally, someone using a STEM-based process would combine the principles…

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How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft | The Ultimate Guide

how to find diamonds in minecraft

Thinking about learning how to mine one of the most precious materials in Minecraft?    Minecraft diamonds are situated anywhere below layer 16. But, if you are using the Minecraft 1.18 update or newer, you might experience modified ore distribution.   In this article, we will tell you how you can unearth diamonds in Minecraft…

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How To Configure and Optimize Minecraft Server Properties

Minecraft server properties

Coding is like an art for your kids to learn and enjoy at the same time. It’s like a form of self-expression to create something new in a fun, interactive, and safe way. And this is why we’ve partnered with Minecraft- to give your kids a memorable kind of learning while encouraging them to solve…

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Roblox Games to Play This Year

Roblox games to play

Ever since its official launch in 2006, Roblox has amassed a solid, incredibly loyal player base numbering in the millions (if not billions). Even now, in its 16th year, it’s still going strong. It has reported 43.2 million daily active users worldwide.    No doubt about it; that’s impressive.   Thanks to huge brand collaborations,…

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