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Typing Apps for Kids | The Essential Guide

typing apps for kids

Kids today are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, kids are constantly interacting with screens. And as more and more schools move towards using digital resources, it’s becoming more critical than ever for kids to learn how to type.    We’ve put together this list of…

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Coding Program for Middle School Students

coding program for middle school

Many parents often wonder when their kids should begin to learn to code.   “Can my kid start at 7?”   “Is it too late if he’s already in high school?”   “At what age can my kid actually start coding?”   These are a few of the questions we often hear from parents all…

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What is Coding? | The Essential Guide

what is coding?

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen how fast technology has evolved. You can see technology everywhere you go, from your phone down to the smart appliances you can tell to make your coffee or clean your room. And this is why learning coding is such a powerful and valuable skill in the tech space…

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What is STEM? Guide for Parents

What is STEM

Well, the shortest, simplest answer would be that STEM is an acronym. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. However, the concept of STEM itself – as a teaching method, as an approach to education, as a standardized curriculum – is much more complicated. Ideally, someone using a STEM-based process would combine the principles…

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Helping Your Child Focus in School | Parenting Tips

helping your child focus in school

Kids can be quite easily distracted.    We can’t really blame them now, can we? After all, there are still so many things they’ve yet to experience. And a good number of the stimuli they encounter are new to them. So regardless of whether they’re naturally excitable or not, it can be quite the feat…

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Online Jobs for Teens | Everything You Need to Know

online jobs for teens

Remote work has, undoubtedly, become the norm in the past two years thanks to the global pandemic. Social distancing and social isolation have made it so that most of our lives happen online. While the world is (thankfully!) healing and returning to normal, the concept of working online remains. Now, more than ever, online jobs…

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Computer Basics for Kids: Parts of a Computer

parts of a computer

The thought of learning different computer parts can be daunting—especially since it’s an incredibly complex and delicate piece of equipment. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! In fact, what if we told you that computers really only have four major parts?   It’s true!   Yes, those parts can technically be broken down further into…

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70+ Important Coding Terms for Beginners to Get Started!

coding terms for beginners

When learning how to program computers, one of the first things that beginner coders encounter is strange and often confusing terminology. Traditional text-based programming, to be specific, is full of words and phrases that seem nonsensical and a touch intimidating. It doesn’t help that their definitions can be quite long-winded, too.   However, we firmly…

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15 Best Laptops for Kids | Unbiased Review

best laptops for kids

In today’s technology-driven world, buying laptops for kids has be come a priority for many parents. There’s only so much kids can do on regular smartphones, and piggy-backing on someone else’s computer – like a sibling or parent’s – often causes issues at home and work.   But how do you go about choosing a…

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