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Scratch Programming | Learn the Basics

Scratch Programming

Is your child asking about computers and programming? Do you want to help them get started but need to know where to start? Scratch is a great way to introduce programming concepts to your kids. With Scratch, they can create their games, animations, and more. This blog post will show you how to get started…

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15 Best Laptops for Kids | Unbiased Review

best laptops for kids

In today’s technology-driven world, buying laptops for kids has be come a priority for many parents. There’s only so much kids can do on regular smartphones, and piggy-backing on someone else’s computer – like a sibling or parent’s – often causes issues at home and work.   But how do you go about choosing a…

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Coding for Homeschoolers: The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Coding for Homeschoolers: The Ultimate Guide for Parents   Computer programming, otherwise known as coding, has become a hot topic in the homeschool community. While coding is currently offered in a small fraction of traditional schools, homeschooling provides a unique and conducive environment for computer science instruction.   Teaching coding can be challenging for homeschool…

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