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Best PC Build for Minecraft | The Essential Guide

Best pc for minecraft

Want to know why Minecraft is a top favorite for kids and gamers of all ages? It’s a game that lets you create almost anything. Users can craft anything including their own homes, their own armor, and even forge their own tools. It’s also an excellent way to teach coding for kids!    But, if…

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How to Boost Minecraft FPS – The Ultimate Guide

minecraft fps

Today we are going to show you how to boost FPS on Minecraft.   While Minecraft looks like a not-so-complicated low-maintenance game, its simple aesthetic doesn’t always run seamlessly when it comes to performance.    For those who have weaker hardware, upgrading your setup could be a good option. If you need help with this,…

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Your Quick Cheat Sheet On How To Build Minecraft Roofs

minecraft roofs

Today, we are going to give you a quick cheat sheet that will help you build some awesome Minecraft roofs.   Roofing your home is the hardest part of building a structure in the Minecraft realm. In order for your child to survive Minecraft’s gameplay and defend themselves against the evil mobs, building a home…

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Minecraft Netherite | The Complete Guide

minecraft netherite

Launched in May 2009, Minecraft never fails to inspire more players to create and build worlds from scratch.   Minecraft has grown such a loyal following that people of almost all ages play Minecraft to express their creativity.   Minecraft is also one of our biggest inspirations in creating a coding guide for kids using…

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