Today, we are going to give you a quick cheat sheet that will help you build some awesome Minecraft roofs.


Roofing your home is the hardest part of building a structure in the Minecraft realm. In order for your child to survive Minecraft’s gameplay and defend themselves against the evil mobs, building a home to protect them is essential. 


For you to create a great roof for your virtual gameplay home, you’ll need to be an architect as well as an engineer in one. And that’s what makes this game a top-favorite among children, they get to build their dream house at an early age! To build a dazzling home within the game, you will need an aesthetic eye to assemble the blocks to fit the structure. Otherwise, your home will be easily entered by mobs.


But, as easy as it looks, it does not mean it’s going to be relatively easy. Building a home in Minecraft might require a little creativity and problem-solving.


In this article, we’ll tell you about how you can create a beautiful Minecraft roof that suits your taste.


What are the different types of roofs in Minecraft?



gable minecraft roof

One of the most basic, easy-to-build Minecraft roof designs. You probably can build this roof without too much thinking. Or you’ve probably made this roof, but you still do not know what it’s called. That’s unless, of course, you keep building a plain box!


Gable may be a bit identical to the A-frame roof, although Gable is a little bit smaller. It hangs down about 1/2 the height of your structure, but with an A-frame, it reaches your structure’s base all the way down.


You can build the Gable using any kind of stars and slab. 


the a-frame


The A-Frame


the a-frame 2


Just like the real-life houses, this bird’s beak-looking design is a lot easier to make in the virtual realm.


As the name suggests, A-frame comes with a distinctive A shape. The roof cover comes all the way down to your structure’s base. Just as simple as building a camping tent, using blocks on the outline will help you create this structure.


The A-frame roof style is mostly used in creating Viking structures, that have easily identifiable huge hanging roofs. 


Also, this Minecraft roof is one of the easiest to build. You can smoothly build this roof straight from the ground up. Unlike other types of roofs, you don’t need scaffolding to hold the roof up.


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Just like the A-frame roof, Gambrel looks identical, but you may call it the Curved A roof. Why? Cause it looks like the A-frame roof but also uses the attributes of the Gable roof.


The Gambrel roof can usually be seen in a lot of medieval buildings, such as the farm or the tavern.


You can build the Gambrel using your collection of full blocks, stairs, and slabs.


Mono Pitched Roof


minecraft roofs 2


One of the simplest no-brainer roof designs, the Mono Pitched Roof only requires you to cut half of the Clerestory roof situated above it. 


Mono Pitched Roofs are built using slabs and placing them in a diagonal direction. No-sweat roof in as easy as minutes!


Now, if you are pretty new to Minecraft and other roof designs that can be challenging for you to build, we suggest using the mono-pitched roof. Building this roof type does not require you to make your box house, and you can just create it out of slab. Don’t believe us? Go try it!


Clerestory Roof Type


Clerestory Roof


Just like the mono-pitched roof type, the clerestory roof only requires you to use purely slab materials. 


The Clerestory roof features 2 diagonal panels that stick next to each other. With 45 degrees next to each one, it’s like the half of the mono-pitched roof. 


Clerestory roof type makes a single part of your structure’s roof higher and makes your entire house look like they are pairs of shoes. 


You can also choose the best direction you may want to build it. This roof design lets the sunlight come in from the higher part and look like an atrium to shine a light on your base.


This type of roof is mainly applied to modern-design houses and church styles. 


The Curved Roof



If you’re feeling a little lazy, or you are lacking creativity, why don’t you make your roof with the curve design?


The curved roof looks just like a variation of the Gambrel roof but sits lower than most of the roof structures.


You may usually see the curved roof in a barn design, and it can be fully constructed using full blocks, stairs, and slabs.


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Mansard Roof


Mansard Roof




If you have a knack for Renaissance art and love arches that look Medieval, this might be an ideal roof type for your own structure. 


Featuring a wider width and sitting a little bit lower than most roof structures, you can use the mansard roof type to beautify your home.


The Saltbox Type


The Saltbox Type


If you are building a bigger, wider wooden house, Saltbox is a famous roof type that lets you shape your structure in an inventive way. The Saltbox roof type is created the same as the A-shape but it has one of its sides shorter than the other. This creates an asymmetrical style for your Saltbox-type roof. 


If you are a fan of crisp sharp, and symmetrically-inspired roofs such as that of Mumbo Jumbo, the Saltbox roof type might just not be the right one for you.


The Lower Pitch Gable


The Lower Pitch Gable


A more detailed variation of the Gable-type roof, the lower pitch Gable sits a little lower than most roof types. 


The Lower Pitch Gable is so architecturally- aesthetic, it creates a staircase kind of look, which makes it highly distinctive from all other roof types. 


The lower pitch gable is made up of a combination of very common materials, such as blocks and slab. 


If you’re almost about to hit the build limit, or you just want to hide your structure’s base in the neighbor buildings, this roof design is highly ideal. 


The M-shaped Roof Type


The M-shaped Roof Type


If you love burgers and fries from McDonald’s, you could actually bring the reference into the Minecraft realm with the M-Type roof. Well, not so complicated as it is basically structured by joining two A-frame roofs next to each other. 


You can effortlessly build the M-type roof using stairs and slab.


Also, this type of roof is a little common in most large houses. They can be found in modern and medieval styles of structures too!


The hard thing about building the structure using this roof type is that your base needs to be large enough to be appropriate with the M-shaped roof. 


The Butterfly Roof


minecraft roofs 1


Yes, you guessed it. The Butterfly roof is made to be suitable for modern houses, and they are quite a little intriguing in design.


You may also try building your home with the butterfly roof type when you are exploring the architecture in Fairy/ Magic theme.


Well, as you have guessed, the butterfly roof type looks like a reversed type of the Clerestory roof. 


And yes, it looks like an upside-down version of the Saltbox roof too.


Enjoying the avant-garde feeling of your Minecraft structures? The butterfly roof type might be perfect for you. 


But, what if you’re a total beginner in building your own structure in the Minecraft realm?


Try this:


The Cobblestone Roof Type


minecraft roofs


Think of it as building a box-type home and just putting a toupee on top of it just to make sure the entire structure is covered and protected. 


If you have tons of cobblestone in your inventory, this might be an ideal roof type for your to begin with. This surface material does the job and looks pretty decent for a starter.


All you have to do is create a roof using a sheet of cobblestone blocks covering the top of your structure. 


Then, after putting all that material on top of your home, go ahead line the sheet with cobblestone stairs. This gives the newbie players a great reason to go for the chest filled with cobblestone achievement. Superb, right?


The easy-peasy job of building this roof comes with great benefits, such as protecting your home from mobs. This type of roof can keep them outside. 


This roof also comes in handy if you are not a design person and if you want to build a simple roof in the shortest span of time. 


The best part? This roof design can be made completely out of any material you have an excess amount of. Name it, it can make you a cobblestone roof that will keep the creepers away.


How do you make a village house in Minecraft?


The Good Old Villager Roof Type




Think it’s a great idea to blend into the village-type of the environment?


The village-inspired roof design uses cobblestone blocks, wood stairs, and some slabs to help you build a robust, tall roof that extends through the edges of your structure. 


If you’re a villager-type of player who wants to go the good, old-fashioned way, this is the roof type that might just suit your taste. Villages make a great start for any novice player to start collecting some equipment. 


How do you build a modern house on Minecraft?


The Geometric Angled Roof




Feeling a little bit creative, but not sure on how to perfectly build a home since you’re just starting out your Minecraft journey? This angled roof design is best if your structure isn’t entirely square-shaped. 


Players will create a Minecraft home that sections itself, and these sections can benefit from an angled roof to just completely cover the home.


This inventive and easy roof design is built by combining cobblestone blocks, wood stairs, and wood slabs. 


Just like any other do-it-yourself carpentry on Minecraft, you can use any material you want if you have them in your inventory.


The Woodsteps Roof




Fancy a typical chalet-looking cottage like that you visit near snowy peaks?


The Woodsteps roof can be built from cobblestone rocks, wood slabs, and wood stairs that you can easily grab from your inventory bar. 


You can start creating this type of roof for your structure by laying two sheets of cobblestone across the apex of your home.


One sheet has to lie and cover the entire top of your home. Now, the second sheet should sit on two opposite sides.


The Two-Story Building


minecraft roofs 3


Now that you have become a little more curious about how to build a roof for your Minecraft home, it’s time to experiment with a more advanced architectural design. 


If you are feeling productive today and you are looking for the best ways to put a roof on your newly-built two-story home, you might want to experience building a two-floor home with a roof.


Use a small line of cobblestone to serve as a roof sitting on top of your new home and cover over your small porch.


This type of roof is so beneficial, it might be one of the best types you want to start with. The cobblestone gives you a short cover when you are fighting against an Enderman.


Having this small amount of cobblestone cover can also help you shield yourself from dealing with a spider landing on players when leaving their own shelters. 


How Do I Build A Robust Roof for My Structure in Minecraft?



Creating The Right Roof Scale



So, before creating your Minecraft structure, it’s important to know how big should the roof be.


For inhabited buildings, such as your home sweet home, it’s best to design a roof about one to two stories tall.


If you think a roof section does not require to be taller than that, you can try designing it into a two or create your roof using a mansard roof design with multiple floors. 


Think you might need to adjust the height of the roof? Try changing its pitch or add in a roof-level walkway. Whenever you have enough volume under your roof for another story, wouldn’t you want to put in some more extra rooms?’


For example, you have a building that’s about 20m wide with a single 45° gable roof. So you would have a roof containing 10–11 blocks.


Now, if you have 4–5 block stories, your advisable roof would be around 2–2½ stories high. You can put an extra floor inside your roof volume, or you can have the option to split the roof into two or three smaller sections. You can get enough elevation about 5-7 blocks!


But, if you can add 1 block high parapet plus a one block wide walkway around your structure’s roof, you can reduce an apparent height of about seven blocks. This way, you can build a structure to keep the evil mobs away!


How Can I Choose The Right Roof For My Large Building?


If you built a structure that’s larger than about 15×15 blocks, it will look like a barn if you put on a simple roof design.


If you’re aiming to build a large building, you have to build multiple roofs in one section to cover the whole structure. 


Placing a single gable roof over a building that’s housing multiple rooms can look odd.


Joining roofs can be great for large buildings. 


How Can I Put Together Roof Sections?


While a small building will look okay with simple V-roofs, creating a larger building with multiple roof sections obviously require more work.


You’ll need to design multiple roofs for different sections of a vast building and put them all together. 


You can take inspiration from village buildings but smoothen up your roof angles. This step can take a little practice too. 


If you’re new to constructing your roof, go ahead and follow these quick steps.


Starting with the section that will give you the highest roof, start putting blocks as if you’re trying to build the whole structure’s roof without any joins to any other roof section.



Go ahead and build the second-highest roof with the same pattern, but when it intersects with the highest roof, make them a nice join.


Roof joins can be done per block if you’d like, or you can put them with one diagonal at a time.



If roofs joined have unusual fits, merging should happen block by block. This will make your task much more manageable than calculating how complex block patterns connect along ascending diagonal lines.



Continue building roof sections from highest to lowest. Make sure to merge them with older roof parts while you encounter them. Just go back to lower areas not started when this step is done. 


When all the roof parts are complete, be sure to remove any redundant block. This step will be easier to do if you’re inside of the structure. 



Notice that when two roofs join, they meet along a V-shaped line, and the roof blocks along the V inside should be removed at your structure’s final construction stage.



Once you’ve understood how to do this, it will help you become easier and quicker not to put any other unneeded block to start with. 


But, if you’re building a complex roof structure, you can go ahead build the roof then remove the unneeded blocks from the inside of your design. 





Minecraft really lets you be creative with how you design your own home. From mining your ores, getting your materials, forging your weapons and your armor, down to creating your home’s own roof, what else could you not do with this brilliant game, right?


Let’s recap what we covered once more:


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