Launched in May 2009, Minecraft never fails to inspire more players to create and build worlds from scratch.


Minecraft has grown such a loyal following that people of almost all ages play Minecraft to express their creativity.


Minecraft is also one of our biggest inspirations in creating a coding guide for kids using video games. We’ve seen so much immersive potential in Minecraft that an entire community of raving players help each other out. You can even play Minecraft with friends or bond with your children while building worlds and mining elements from the gameplay itself.


Sounds awesome, right?


If your child is playing Minecraft, and you literally can’t find the right channel to read through how you could make their games even more interactive, we’ve listed a few self-help articles for you.


In this article, we’ll tell you how you can mine Minecraft Netherite within the game.


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What is Netherite in Minecraft?


Known to be more powerful, durable, and much valuable than a diamond, Netherite is a rare material formed from the Nether. Netherite is simply used to update your diamond gear.


Netherite can open up different possibilities for other items. You can create gears, tools, weapons, and more using this material from the depths of Nether. 


So, what makes Netherite special?


 Netherite can float in lava and is generally super robust. It is indestructible by fire. The netherite blocks are unbreakable, with explosion values situated at 7/8- the highest you can find within the game. 


Although generally indestructible, netherite in item form can be destroyed if it comes in contact with a cactus, just like any other item. 


Much like the obsidian ore, netherite can still be broken by blue wither skulls, dropping the item. 


For you to get Netherite, you must take a trip to the Nether to looks for rare ancient debris. This ancient debris will help you craft into netherite ingots before you can forge the best weapons and armor in all of Minecraft. 


How and Where Can I Find The Netherite?



Unlike diamond ores, you cannot find the Netherite in Minecraft in the form of ore from the ground. If you are looking for a Netherite, you are searching for a block in the Nether called the ancient debris. Ancient debris is pretty and astronomically rare, and you’ll need to bring a diamond pickaxe to harvest it.


How And Where You Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft?


Ancient debris comes from veins and spawns completely covered in lava on all sides. Finding the ancient debris isn’t easily visible. You won’t spot them by looking at the surface since they are covered by blocks or lava on each side.


For you to extract the ancient debris, you will need to dig down. You can find it from y=22 to y=8, though it is most common to be found at y=15. 


How Can I Mine Netherite?


With Minecraft’s 1.16 version update, the rarest ore of them all came along- the netherite. And it’s the material that most players think is better than diamond.  


Netherite items are the most robust and the most durable. As mentioned, they do not burn in fire and lava, but they are pretty hard to obtain.


Ancient debris, the primary source of netherite, can only be found in the dangerous depths of the Nether dimension.


Here’s how exactly you can extract netherite.


Come prepared for your mining expedition


Bring with you a diamond pickaxe, preferably efficiency 2 to instantly extract netherrack, food, and some building blocks to help you out.


Since the Nether can be a scary place, bring anything for your protection. A sword, your shield, and gold armor.


Step into the realms of Nether


Hop into the Nether portal when you’re fully prepared. If you’ve entered the Nether realms before the 1.16 update, you will need to go to a chunk that you have never seen before in the gameplay—time to scour the ancient debris.


Mine your very own staircase and descend to y-level 15



Assess your surroundings. Are you surrounded by blackstone or basalt? If yes, find another spot as these blocks will take longer to mine. They are also blast-resistant.


Dig a long tunnel using your pickaxe


Minecraft Netherite 2


Go ahead and dig a two-block tall tunnel a few hundred blocks long to look for ancient debris. Remember to light it up, but torches will eventually end up being blown up.


Set your beds as if you’re going to sleep


Minecraft Netherite 3


Beds explode in the Nether. Use them to become productive! You can use beds for cheap and efficient mining. 


All you have to do is dig small side branches from your main tunnel and put your beds at the very end.


Right-click to make it seem that you are about to sleep and duck around one of the corners to avoid taking damage.


Don’t forget to bring a fire resistance potion with you as bed explosions can trigger fire and lava pockets. Or use enchanted armor. This step can be a little dangerous if you are unprepared. 


You can also use a TNT


This method is safer than using beds. Walk back along your tunnel, and put your TNT every 2-3 blocks. Slide back out, ignite your TNT and run a few blocks away.


Look for the ancient debris


Minecraft Netherite 5


Ancient debris are hidden from plain sight. They are dark brown in color with visible cracks and a spiral shape on their top and bottom.


If you’re blowing up the tunnel, keep in mind that ancient debris is immune to fire and explosions. Don’t worry about accidentally destroying it.


Go ahead and mine it with a diamond axe. 


How Can I Create Netherite Ingot in Minecraft?


Congratulations on unearthing your ancient debris. Now we can forge it into creating your netherite. Begin by crafting your netherite scrap. 


Smelt your ancient debris block into a furnace or a blast furnace. You will now come up with a netherite scrap. 


Keep in mind that you will need four netherite scraps and four gold ingots to come up with a netherite ingot. 


How Can I Make Netherite Armour and Weapons?


After you have scoured the depths of Nether for enough ancient debris to finally craft and forge your netherite ingot, you will only need a single ingot for creating a single piece of netherite equipment. 


So, instead of creating new tools from purely-mined netherite, you can create a netherite armor by upgrading your diamond armor and weapons. You’ll simply combine them with your netherite ingot by using the help of the smithing table.


Where Can I Find Smithing Tables to Forge My Netherite?


You can look for them in the blacksmith’s building within the village, or go ahead and craft one by using wood planks and iron ingots.


Remember that enhancements on your pre-existing diamond equipment will be transferred to your new material, but the durability won’t reset.


You will need to use an anvil if you think your pre-existing diamond material needs restoring. 


What Are The Effects of Netherite In Minecraft?


Netherite is the alpha version of diamonds. Not only is it a better version of forged diamond, but it is also indestructible by lava. 


So, what can you do with your shiny, newly-forged netherite in the Minecraft realm?


Netherite items are buoyant, which means they’re great for traversing into Minecraft’s lava-filled underworld. 


Whatever item you created using netherite won’t sink, and you can easily use them when crossing lava rivers.


Netherite items are significantly a better upgrade than diamonds. That being said, they also have a high enchantment value for use when compared with other materials from the Minecraft enchantment table. 


Netherite also works faster and is definitely much more durable. 


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How Do You Get Netherite Gear In Minecraft?


As mentioned earlier, you can easily craft netherite armor by upgrading your diamond armor and weapons.


You can simply combine these pre-existing diamond weapons with your new netherite ingot with the smithing table. 


And because it is stronger than diamonds, Netherite weapons are excellent in dealing with more damages. Netherite armors are also tougher and last longer than your average diamond armor. 


Thinking of engaging in battle with a netherite armor? Your netherite fineries will protect you. You’ll barely get knocked when your enemies hit.


You can easily be in combat with the Minecraft wither boss and immensely protect yourself with the netherite armor. This material will give you extra padding when engaging in battle.


What Is A Block of Netherite?


A block of netherite is like the equivalent of a real diamond in real life. It’s a precious metal block crafted and forged from nine netherite ingots.


Of course, netherite floats on lava and is resistant to fire, so a block of netherite also has the same qualities.


For you to create a block of netherite, you will have to mine it using a diamond or a netherite pickaxe. If you are trying to mine the block with anything else, you will have no yields.


Wondering how important a netherite block is? A single block of netherite can fully upgrade a whole set of diamond armor, including five diamond weapons or tools.


Being highly resistant to fire, blocks of netherite boasts a blast resistance of 1,200, the very same as obsidian.


But, unlike obsidian materials, blocks of netherite cannot be moved around with pistons. This makes netherite a great material to use when building redstones. 


Netherite blocks also have a hardness of 50, identical with crying obsidian and respawn anchors. Netherite is the hardest block in the record to be pushed by a piston. 


Can You Use A Netherite Block To Create A Beacon?


Minecraft Netherite 4


Yes, you can!


Blocks of netherite can help you power a beacon. How do you ask? The beacon can be powered using a 3×3 square of netherite blocks you can put underneath.


You can also include 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9 layers in the shape of a pyramid. You can all put them under the original layer to increase the effects you can get from a beacon.


Thinking of creating a beacon with other blocks? The layers of the beacon don’t have to be entirely made up of netherite blocks. You may use any combination of blocks- gold, diamond, emerald, or netherite blocks can help you create a beacon. 



What Else Can I Get From A Netherite Gear?


Netherite armors and gears continue to be one of the top favorites among players for their overall durability. You can quickly go into combat without being knocked off. 


The netherite armor material and tiers are pretty versatile. You can create a netherite helmet, a netherite chest plate, a pair of leggings, and even netherite boots.


You can easily forge netherite weapons by upgrading your diamond weapons. You can create the netherite sword, netherite pickaxe, netherite axe, netherite shovel, and netherite hoe using a smithing table. 


These items are so reliable and robust, you could easily inflict additional damage as well as increased mining speed by these netherite materials, similar to diamond.


How Can You Make Netherite from Diamonds?


You can upgrade your diamond items into netherite items easily.


Here’s how you can do just that.


  1. Find or get a smithing table. You can also create one by either crafting it using iron ingots and planks or just stealing one from the village. No one’s ever going to know. 
  2. Combine your diamond item with your newly-forged netherite ingot with the use of that smithing table.


Keep in mind that the hardest part of creating a gear out of netherite is actually finding the netherite from the depths of nether. Since they are covered in lava on all sides, you’ll have to scour to find nether to mine.


If you don’t have a netherite ingot yet, creating a weapon will require you to go into the Nether and look for the ancient debris.


When you find the ancient debris, you will have to smelt the pure ancient debris into a furnace to come up with a netherite scrap. Then, you will need to combine four netherite scraps and four gold ingots in order to come up with one netherite ingot.


Since you are upgrading your pre-existing diamond tools and gears than making new ones from entirely scratch, enhancing your diamond items will retain them once you upgrade them into netherit.


Mining Netherite can be a little tricky if you are doing it for the first time, but it goes a little easier once you know your way into extracting the strongest material in all of Minecraft.


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Mining the rarest material on Minecraft needs a little practice and lots of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 


You will need to come up with your own solutions to safely mine the ancient debris and turn them into Netherite.


This is why we’ve partnered with Minecraft in helping kids learn how to code!


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