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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are your Minecraft Coding courses basically typing classes in which the teacher just tells the students what to write?
    Far from it. Our Minecraft Coding courses are highly intuitive, and our staff highly interactive. At CodaKid, we encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Through coding with Minecraft, kids will have to make creative decisions that have a definite, visible effect on gameplay.
    In addition to learning how to use pixel art tools to create custom items, students will also develop situational analysis and on-the-spot problem solving as they create, change, and rewrite code. They’ll have to make a myriad of decisions and successfully implement said decisions through code. For instance:
    • How Minecraft mods behave
    • How fast enemies move
    • Which mobs are friends
    • Which mobs are foes
    • What items should drop from a Lucky Block mod
    • What crops will grow in certain areas
    • What dimension the gameplay will happen on
    —and much, much more.
  • Are these online courses self-paced or live?
    We offer both options through two great programs: our self-study video courses and our private online tutoring.

    Our self-paced program can be taken anytime – on your schedule. Students will watch HD video lessons, pause the videos, code, design, and then test their work. Our friendly instructional team is there every step of the way with awesome, award-winning support! Just use our handy chat button inside the learning platform or email the support team.

    Our private tutoring program will connect you with one of our excellent, US-based instructors from one of the top 50 universities in the country. Your instructor will guide your child through our award-winning curriculum using the Mastery Method- our unique, Socratic approach towards teaching coding.
  • Can I combine children at different levels and ages?
    CodaKid’s online lessons allow kids to progress independently at their own pace. While this means that you can easily mix kids of different ages and experience levels in one camp without boring the advanced students or confusing the beginners, we recommend grouping them others their age to ensure a great camp culture.
  • Can I get a free trial for multiple children?
    CodaKid only offers one free trial per family. You can start a free trial for one student. If you like it, you can contact us to discuss adding more students.
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