There’s always going to be a special occasion for your kid, right? Especially when they’re young. Christmas, birthdays, New Year, Easter, a school victory … in one year, there are at least two opportunities for gift-giving.


If your kid is a big Minecraft fan, then you’re in luck. There are hundreds of awesome Minecraft toys for kids out in the market right now – and manufacturers are constantly releasing more.


The good thing about many of these Minecraft toys is that they’re not purely about the game. For instance, most Minecraft games – like the magnetic travel puzzle game from ThinkFun – require kids to utilize problem-solving skills. Other Minecraft toys – like LEGO Minecraft sets – require spatial recognition and hand-eye coordination. A lot of the toys we’ve found seamlessly blend education, entertainment, and engagement.


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So without further ado, here are 15 of the best Minecraft toys for kids:




Some of the best Minecraft toys for kids are LEGO sets based on different Minecraft settings, characters, items, and the like. So we’ll start with five (5) of the best LEGO Minecraft sets that your kid will absolutely love—especially if they like to build!


best minecraft toys


1. LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine Zombie Cave Battle Playset


Your child can join Steve – Minecraft’s most iconic male NPC – as he delves into a seemingly abandoned mine for some sweet, sweet loot. Watch out for zombies, though! Kids may not be able to technically mine with this kit, but they can definitely build! There are 248 beautifully colored pieces that kids can mix and match to craft whatever zombie cave they please. There’s even a working device that dumps rocks on intruders! Get Steve to the high ground and clear the cave before the hostile mobs take over!


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2. LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine


Once Steve is done burying zombies in piles of rocks, he’s ready to take on The Creeper Mine (alongside a friendly Minecraft blacksmith) for some creative, explosive fun. This Minecraft playset comes with three exploding functions that allow players to blast through rubble and bedrock to reach the gold within the mine.


Once they’ve got it, they can store it and send it down to the treasure chest via rail track and lever—all while avoiding the Creeper and the Husk that lurk in the dark.


This 834-piece LEGO set is one of the more extensive Minecraft toys for kids that your kid will no doubt spend hours on. It comes with several mini-figures (including Steve, the Minecraft blacksmith, a Creeper, and a Husk), a buildable rail track, a minecart, a shelter with a bed, an anvil, and a treasure chest.


The Creeper mine, when fully built, measures 22cm tall and 38cm wide—plenty of space to go exploring! If your kid loves Minecraft and building, this Creeper (mine) is a keeper.


best minecraft toys


3. LEGO Minecraft The Pig House Playset


You’ve definitely never seen a build like this!


(In real life, at least. We’re pretty positive it’s been done in Minecraft before.)


How does your kid feel about living with Alex (the default female Minecraft NPC) in a giant pig-shaped house with two pigs – and plenty of carrots – to keep them company? The concept may seem cutely ridiculous, but this is the sort of creative energy that Minecraft encourages. Put your child’s building skills to the test as they create this eye-catching abode out of 490 LEGO pieces.


Once they create the house, remove the roof and plop Alex in. Keep her safe from the Creeper as she explores hidden rooms, cares for pigs, and keeps her carrot patch thriving.


Don’t worry if the Creeper gets too close, though—this Minecraft toy comes equipped with a detonation feature that triggers a Minecraft-worthy, house-collapsing explosion.


4. LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box


If you want a Minecraft toy that really pushes your kid’s creativity, The Crafting Box is an extensive, 564-piece LEGO set that is hands-down one of the best kits you can give little builders and tinkerers.


Unlike the other Minecraft toys for kids on this list, this playset wasn’t designed with a specific build in mind. Your kid has the freedom to use the pieces available to create whatever set they want following any Minecraft build they’ve seen. They can build a castle, a Creeper mine, a farm, a lighthouse … whatever their heart desires.


The only limit here is their creativity.


The Crafting Box’s main recommended builds are a castle and a farm. But there are, apparently, three other alternative builds that your kids can unlock – and at least a dozen other unique variations, according to the reviews.


This open-ended box set provides some directions for kids who might need some helpful assembly instructions. But for kids who like to build freely, this LEGO Minecraft set is perfect.


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5. LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure Building Kit


Minecraft, LEGO, and pirates? If your kid loves all three, then this LEGO Minecraft: The Pirate Ship Adventure set will be perfect for them. Let your kid construct a hardy vessel worthy of sailing the seven seas—complete with flick-missile cannons, rowboat, gangplank, and gold detailing. Once it’s all built, they can head to Skull Island alongside Alex, a Minecraft pirate, and a jolly old pirate. A turtle and dolphin may even join them along the way!


But take caution; Skull Island is said to be overrun by Minecraft Zombies … on fire!


(Yes, these are all figures included in the set).


Let your kids’ imagination run free as they build and narrate their pirate adventure with this beautiful 386-piece LEGO Minecraft set.


 Now, moving on to general non-LEGO Minecraft toys for kids…


minecraft toys


6. Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack


Everyone remembers what it was like starting out, right? Zero equipment, zero instructions, and nothing but your fists to break down trees. As you level up and craft more tools, you can start to build basic items to help you survive.


This is what the Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack from Jazwares LLC is about: recreating almost every player’s initial experience with Minecraft Survival Mode in the form of a scaled figure and accessories. You get one 3-inch Steve, a Workbench, a Wooden Pickaxe, a Wooden Sword, a Bed, and a Chest—literally everything a player needs to survive the first few days (or weeks) of Minecraft. The Steve action figure is also well-designed and fully articulated, so your kid can pose him whichever way they want.


Overall, great visual value – and emotional impact! – for a seemingly simple pack of toys.


And now that Steve has everything he needs to survive …


kids toy


7. Minecraft Core Animal Mob (Pack of 6)


… here come the Mobs.


The Animal Mobs, to be exact. This Minecraft toy pack contains six 3-inch, fully-articulated figures of the core animal mobs in the game: a Pig, a Chicken, a Sheep, a Tamed Wolf, a Cow, and an Ocelot.


Whether your kid wants to give Steve a loyal animal companion or they just want to liven up their Minecraft mini-figure collection, these cute, collectible toys will make a great addition to their toy chest.


We also have to give bonus points for the incredible attention to detail. Each Passive Mob figure has a unique articulation feature. They can all move their heads sideways, but only the Chicken has wings that can flap. Only the Sheep’s legs have a seemingly spring-loaded design that allows it to pop up and down.


What’s more, each Animal toy is a perfect replica of the Minecraft mob it’s based on—down to the iconic pixelated design and texture.


8. Minecraft Collector Case and Mini Figure


The Minecraft world is a vast, ever-expanding phenomenon that is home to dozens – if not hundreds – of unique beings. From the elusive Enderman to the infamous, meme-worthy Creeper, these characters have become a vital part of popular culture simply because Minecraft itself is a vital part of popular culture.


But all this is to say that if your kid loves Minecraft, they’re going to love this Minecraft Collector Case – with 10 included mini-figures! It’s a beautiful, grid-type display box with a transparent cover, a sturdy handle (for maximum portability), and 32 separate squares—to show off 32 separate mini-figures!


Your child can gather and store all their favorite Minecraft characters in one place so that they’re ready for the next big adventure.


This particular, desert-themed collector case comes with 10 mini-figures to kick-start your kid’s collection: a Squid, a Cat, a Skeleton on Fire, a Cow, a Screaming Enderman, and more! Honestly, this is just the perfect toy for young Minecraft fans who love recreating scenes and collecting figurines.




9. JINX Minecraft Creeper Plush Stuffed Toy


For younger Minecraft fans – and Minecraft fans who love collecting plushies – this cuddly Lil Creeper is an excellent choice. It’s soft, plush, and looks exactly like those explosive green cuties in the Minecraft universe. The only difference is that it won’t attack your kid. It won’t explode, either. So it’s basically the best version of this particular Minecraft Mob.


We also think the Creeper was an excellent choice, in terms of turning Minecraft Hostile Mobs into stuffed toys. Of all the other options in the game – Zombies, Skeletons, Pillagers, Ghasts, Husks, Piglins – the Creeper is one of the more popular ones. It’s also distinct, easily recognizable (even to non-Minecraft players), and it makes for a surprisingly adorable bedtime pal.


This soft toy from JINX stands at about 10.5 inches high; perfectly sized for carting around.


10. Minecraft Ender Dragon


If your child doesn’t want a cute and cuddly Creeper, how about a large, imposing, battle-ready replica of the Ender Dragon itself? Made of hard, durable plastic with fully-articulated joints, a flexible tail, and a sizeable 19-inch wingspan, this Minecraft figure is not to be messed with—just like the actual Boss Mob!


The Ender Dragon only spawns at the end of Minecraft, but your kid can – thankfully – keep its likeness forever as a part of their action figure collection. They can create (or recreate) legendary battles, build hostile Minecraft worlds, or just enjoy having one of Minecraft’s deadliest mobs perched oh-so-harmlessly on their table. The choice is completely theirs.




11. Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game


Step out of the screen and into the real world with this incredibly unique, two- to a four-player strategy board game. Explore the Overworld, mine resources, build structures, collect weapons, fight Creepers, and use your wits to survive … just like in the actual Minecraft game!


Developed in collaboration with Mojang – the official company behind Minecraft – Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is an easy-to-learn, tabletop-friendly board game adaptation of the video game itself. 64 resource cubs, 64 building and monster cards, 36 weapon tokens, 4 player boards, 4 experience counters, 12 overview cards, and more—these make up the battlefield of your new tabletop adventure.


It’s fun for the whole family as each player decides two out of five possible actions to give themselves the best chance of survival. Build carefully, fight bravely, and adapt your chosen strategies on the fly.


What we love about Builders & Biomes is that it’s turned a wonderful video game into an equally-as-exciting board game that can be enjoyed unplugged by friends and families alike. Each set comes with a clear, high-quality instruction manual, and the game mechanics themselves are easy to get right away.


12. Minecraft Card Game from Mattel


Your kid can also recreate the virtual fun of the Minecraft world using physical cards. The Minecraft Card Game from Mattel is a strategy-based card game based on the mechanics of Minecraft’s Survival Mode.


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Players need to draw and combine different cards to mine resources, craft tools, and store items for later use. First-person to reach the point goal wins!


There are plenty of Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, and Gold resource cards that you can pull and use to reach the goal. But beware: hidden in the deck are TNT cards, Creeper cards, and Wild cards that could knock you back to square one.


This Mattel card game is fun, easy to understand, and can easily keep kids distracted for hours on end. We also love the card designs; they’re beautiful and very true-to-game.


transforming sword


13. Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe [Amazon Exclusive]


Every Minecraft player knows how important a pickaxe is if you want to survive the Overworld. They also know how important a sword is if you want to survive against Hostile Mobs!


If you can only have one item at the ready, it might as well be this: the Amazon Exclusive Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe! Your kid won’t have to choose between tool and weapon. This two-in-one Minecraft model toy sword transforms into a pickaxe – and vice-versa – whenever they need it to. One swift motion is all it takes for them to go from mining ore to fighting Creepers … and back!


Impressive dual-function aside, the design is also incredibly spot-on! Even if you aren’t 100% versed in Minecraft culture and lore, you’re probably familiar enough to know its iconic pixelated design. This toy looks exactly like the game’s Sword and Pickaxe items.


But we do urge parents to exercise caution. The toy is made of very hard, very durable plastic. We recommend you gently remind your kids, time and again, that this toy should not be used to hit anyone … and definitely not in full swing! Playfighting is perfectly fine, but if someone isn’t careful, this toy could cause serious injury.


If your kids want to go all out with a Minecraft sword, then maybe a foam sword and pickaxe would be a better gift. Check out the…




14. ThinkGeek Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword Ender Pearl Adventure Kit


Made of high-quality EVA foam, this version of the Minecraft Diamond Sword is hardy, sturdy, and can probably still carry your child through countless Mob battles. And unlike the toy sword from the previous item, it won’t hurt as much when you – or someone else – get hit. 


The colors and design are very true to the source material; a beautiful mix of teal and green, and a faux-pixelated look that, any Minecraft player will tell you, is spot-on. It’s worth noting that it’s a fairly sizeable toy as well.


It’s roughly 21 inches long and the hilt is maybe 9 or 10 inches wide. Not too unwieldy as some other toy weapons, but the manufacturer recommends it for kids aged 6 and up, just to be safe.


15. ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game & STEM Toy for Kids


Wrapping up this list is the ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game. Also marketed as a STEM toy, magnetic puzzle toy combines imaginative play with fairly challenging brain games that could get your kids scratching their noggin—in a good way!


A fun and educational way to develop problem-solving skills under the context of outwitting the Minecraft Ender Dragon, this magnetic travel game is definitely one of a kind! Because it’s designed specifically to be portable and travel-friendly, this kind of toy is ideal for keeping kids occupied on long flights or long drives.


Help your child push through 40 challenges of increasing difficulty as they travel through different Minecraft worlds (with the Ender Dragon hot on their tail, no less). Who knows; you might even get hooked!


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Minecraft is undeniably one of the hugest games in the world. The Minecraft community still continues to grow years after its initial launch. Constant patch updates, expansion packs, and DLCs just add to the game’s existent replay value. 


And with Mojang adapting the game for more and more gaming platforms – PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. – more players are sure to catch on to the craze.


Let’s recap the best Minecraft toys one more time:


Table of Contents:


  1. LEGO Minecraft: The Abandoned Mine Zombie Cave Battle Playset
  2. LEGO Minecraft: The Creeper Mine
  3. LEGO Minecraft: The Pig House Playset
  4. LEGO Minecraft: The Crafting Box
  5. LEGO Minecraft: The Pirate Ship Adventure Building Kit
  6. Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack
  7. Minecraft Core Animal Mob (Pack of 6)
  8. Minecraft Collector Case and Mini Figures
  9. JINK Minecraft Creeper Plush Stuffed Toy
  10. Minecraft Ender Dragon
  11. Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game
  12. Minecraft Card Game from Mattel
  13. Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe
  14. ThinkGeek Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword Ender Pearl Adventure Kit
  15. ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game & STEM Toy for Kids


We, personally, love Minecraft. Aside from the pure genius of the concept, we love how kid-friendly and educational it can be. Honestly, we think Minecraft is one of the best ways to introduce kids to coding—and many satisfied CodaKid parents seem to agree!


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