Creating a game in Scratch is one of the most popular coding projects you can undertake. Whether you’re building something for yourself or your friends, creating a fun and engaging game can be an enjoyable and challenging experience. To get you started, this blog includes what Scratch is as well as some of the top Scratch game ideas that will help you learn the basics while stretching your programming skills with exciting projects. 


What is Scratch?


Before jumping right into the top Scratch game ideas let’s talk about what Scratch is. Scratch is an online coding language designed to teach kids (ages eight and up) coding principles, computational thinking, and digital literacy. It provides a fun and interactive way of creating stories, games, animations, and more all through drag-and-drop blocks! 


Combining code blocks to create basic programs allows anyone to create their ideas in Scratch. The possibilities are endless, from creating stories for characters like cats or dogs to designing virtual dance parties that you can interact with. If you’re looking for something engaging that teaches the fundamentals of coding and digital literacy, then Scratch is the perfect place to start!


How Do I Make a Game in Scratch?


Making a game in Scratch can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for coders of all levels. Whether you’re looking to create something simple or complex, Scratch is an excellent platform for exploring your game development skills. Here are some steps you should consider when creating a game in Scratch.


First, come up with an idea for your game, or come back to this article for some Scratch game ideas. Think about the type of game you want to make, the characters, locations, and goals. Make sure that it fits within the capabilities of the Scratch platform. Once you have decided on a concept for the game, create a plan with the features and elements you want to include in your project.


Next, start building! Create graphics and sounds using tools included in the software or materials from other sources, such as royalty-free images and audio files. Start coding your program by establishing variables and writing scripts that implement gameplay mechanics like player control, enemies AI, etc. 


Afterward, begin testing your game by playing through different stages multiple times while accounting for any bugs or unexpected results along the way. If necessary, make corrections to your code before submitting it to be published on the Scratch website so others can play it too! 


Finally, make sure that your game follows all of the guidelines set out by Scratch when it comes to content and community standards. Keep track of feedback from players who have experienced your work so you can continue developing it further if desired. With these tips in mind, making a game on Scratch should be exciting!


Scratch game ideas

Now that we’ve discussed what Scratch is and how to make a game, here are the top Scratch game ideas for kids!

Scratch Game Idea 1: Choose Your Own Adventure


Choose Your Own Adventure games transport players to a world of imagination and excitement! While playing these interactive stories, you decide the outcome by your choices. These games often let you explore an imaginary land or become a part of a fantastical situation. As your story progresses, unexpected twists, turns, and adventures await everywhere. With Choose Your Own Adventure games, you can be the star of your very own story!


An interactive choose-your-own-adventure game can be fun to explore stories and problem-solving. To create one, you’ll need to plan out the main plot points of your story first, tying in different scenarios for each consequence. That is part of the challenge! Once you’ve got that down, pick a medium platform, such as Scratch, to start coding your game. You will have to break each choice and consequence into pieces that the game engine can understand, so make sure to get familiar with the coding language before you jump into building your adventure! Have fun exploring, and let your creativity show as you go!


Scratch game ideas


Scratch Game Idea 2: Platform or Platformers


Platform games (also known as platformers) are a fun and exciting way to play video games! Scratch platform games are no exception. These computer programs allow players to create and customize their avatars and levels, making each game more personal. As you progress through the level, you must dodge obstacles, use your agility to solve puzzles and make it to the finish line. This game is great fun for players of all ages but be warned – some of them can be quite difficult, so don’t get disheartened if you can’t complete a challenge on your first try. With practice and focus, you will soon become a master of scratch platform gaming!


Creating a platform game on Scratch can be a fun and rewarding project. You’ll need to design levels, code characters and obstacles, figure out angles for the character’s jumps, and make sure that the challenge is balanced. Different backgrounds might need animation to create an even better gaming experience. Once you have all of your pieces in place, test them out and refine your design until it’s just right! Making a platform game on Scratch can be an exciting adventure that you’ll enjoy every step of the way.


Scratch game ideas


Scratch Game Idea 3: Dodging


Dodge games on Scratch are the perfect way to tap into your gaming skills while having fun. If you’re looking for a fun challenge and an opportunity to test your reflexes, then you’ve got to check out dodging games on Scratch! In them, you control your character as it avoids obstacles like enemies, meteors, rocks that fall from the sky, and more. It’s not enough to avoid these obstacles – the real challenge is maneuvering around the deadly threats while at the same time picking up boosts and power-ups along your journey.  These games are challenging yet simple to play, as they feature recognizable concepts and mechanics in arcade-style formats. 


In addition, these digitally-based experiences come with various levels and tools that make it easy for players to customize their playthroughs, encouraging creative exploration and masterful manipulation of game physics. However, all dodge games have one thing in common – survival is the main objective. You must use timing, practice, and quick thinking to dodge obstacles and enemies to reach the finish line unscathed, making dodge games on Scratch an enjoyable challenge that everyone can try out.


Creating a dodging game in Scratch is an exciting and doable project, even for beginner coders. With its easy-to-use interface, you’ll get introduced to coding concepts like loops, variables, coordinates, and motion. You’ll be creating a game while learning language elements and programming principles. Now is the perfect time to learn something new and create a fun dodge game with Scratch!




Scratch Game Idea 4: Puzzle


Puzzle games on Scratch offer the perfect opportunity to show off those problem-solving skills! Fantastic scavenger hunts, virtual mysteries, and even brainteasers are all possibilities in these games. Not only can you complete puzzles and figure out clues, but you get to be creative and make a full game that others will have fun playing. 


When creating your own puzzle game on Scratch, start by deciding what type of puzzles you want to include. You could incorporate matching elements with a drag-and-drop format, guess-the-word style problems, basic math calculations, and more.


Think about the characters and images that will make up the game and items that players can collect during playing. Now comes the fun part – designing your game! Use tools provided by Scratch to design each element in detail, setting objects which move around the board and hurdles or locks thatmust be solved. Incorporate a timer or score system to make the challenge even more intense, but remember – it’s important to make sure there is a way for players to win! 


Once you’ve created everything, it’s time to share your creation with others through sharing functions available in Scratch. Test it yourself first to be confident about its work before unleashing it on others. Have fun designing new puzzle games from scratch!




Scratch Game Idea 5: Maze


Maze games on Scratch are an exciting and interactive way to engage with coding. Players of all ages can construct a labyrinth, set obstacles and objectives, and develop solutions for their virtual maze. Not only does building puzzle-solving levels allow users to practice problem-solving skills, but also encourages creativity! 


From haunted houses to candy mazes, these unique projects provide endless possibilities for game development. Players customize their creations by loading top-down or perspective maps, adding music and sound effects, power-ups, rewards, and celebrities. Create your own adventures today with Maze Games on Scratch!


Building a maze game on Scratch is a fun, beginner-friendly activity! You can bring your game to life and challenge yourself by designing fun levels with obstacles for your sprite to navigate. The more complex the levels are, the more enticing it is for players as they attempt to find and follow the right path. 


With Scratch’s features, you can design levels incorporating new shapes, color palettes, or puzzles to increase difficulty – there’s no limit to what you can do! Before long, you’ll have a unique maze game ready for the world, full of excitement and adventure!




Creating a scratch game is a great way to learn to code while having fun. These Scratch game ideas will help get you started on your own unique game. With a little time and effort, you can create an amazing game you can share with friends and family. Have fun and happy coding!

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