Minecraft Servers have always been the best way for players to experience Minecraft in a multiplayer setting. According to minecraftservers.org (an official server-tracking platform), there are currently 32,813 registered active Minecraft Servers.


That’s a lot.


With literally thousands to choose from, how do you know which ones are safe to join? We decided to cover the legwork and curate some of the best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2021!


From servers that allow PvP to servers that are grief-protected, here are a few we think you’ll absolutely love!


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What is a Minecraft Server?


According to the official Wiki, Minecraft servers are platforms or hosting websites that allow multiple players to play with their fellow Minecraft players at the same time. This is done either online or via a local area network.


The Minecraft game typically runs a server for single-player games only in order to make the single-player game more consistent with all players (regardless of device or playstyle). Minecraft servers, on the other hand, are specifically tailored to host multiplayer games.


There are a lot of different Minecraft server types, often distinguishable by their rules, regulations, societal structures, and unique gameplay features that they offer. 


Some servers focus on Minecraft’s Adventure and Creative modes. Others are more PVP-oriented. But there will always be something that sets them apart regardless. No two Minecraft servers are the same.


What is Minecraft Survival?


In Minecraft, Survival is the default game mode. In it, players have to try and stay alive in a hostile environment. They can explore the wilderness, gather resources, and craft necessary items and tools to help increase their chances of survival.


Minecraft Survival Servers – also called Survival Multi-Player, or SMP – take the concept of the vanilla game mode and incorporate it as the focus of the server.


Players can lose health when they receive falling damage, can be attacked by both mobs and fellow players, and may even drown (if they aren’t careful enough). Players will also need to find safe shelters to protect themselves from hostile mobs before night falls.


These servers may use plugins and mods to add extra features or Minecraft texture packs to enhance the visuals. Some survival servers will also enable PvP alongside the vanilla Survival rules to add an extra challenge layer to the overall experience.


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Best Minecraft Survival Servers


I. Simple Survival


IP Address: play.simplesurvival.gg


Let’s start the list with a top-notch, user-friendly option that won’t overwhelm new Minecraft players and players new to the concept of servers. As the name suggests, it’s a simple, straightforward platform that stays away from the glitz, glamor, and extra flashiness of other heavily modded survival servers. This is perfect for players who want a crude, authentic, no-nonsense Minecraft survival experience on a multiplayer engine.


minecraft survival servers


II. BreakdownCraft


IP Address: Play.BreakdownCraft.com


BreakdownCraft has some of the best suite of features for most players looking for grief-protected, PvP-based survival gameplay. They have two servers of note; the first being their Medieval Survival Server. It has 30 custom quests and operates on a player-based economy. All money is earned via jobs and community shops rather than /shop menu.


They also have a pretty extensive /help menu that’s 100% useful for new players and new server players.


BreakdownCraft’s other survival server is the Aquatic Survival Server – a /shop-based economy that strikes the perfect balance between multiplayer server and authentic, old-school Minecraft Survival flavor.


Both the Aquatic Server and the Medieval Server are grief-protected. Plus, their admins can help you fix your game – and claim your cool stuff – if you get griefed outside your claim. Just open a support ticket on their discord!


minecraft survival servers


III. Hypixel


IP Address: https://hypixel.net/


As one of the Minecraft servers out there with the highest daily traffic, Hypixel deserves a spot on this list. They have a multitude of games (like Bedwars and Skywars) to entertain players and they’re constantly updating their serves to allow for Minecraft’s latest update. In fact, we’d say they’re one of the fastest and most consistent servers in that regard.


But what sets Hypixel apart is really its community and off-server content. With tons of forums and online stores, it’s no wonder that they’ve got a Discord community of 250,000+ strong.


IV. Altitude


IP Address: play.alttd.com


Altitude is an McMMO-themed platform home to four (4) separate Minecraft Survival Servers – all with different spawns, biomes, and maps. This greatly ups its replay value as you’re guaranteed a different survival experience with each option. What’s more, you can actually synchronize your data between all four servers! So even if you switch from one area to the next, you get to keep your economy, inventory, stats, and the like, and bring it to the next game.


As far as Altitude’s economy goes, they have a community-based economy that allows players to buy from player shops around the server spawners for better prices. Like BreakdownCraft, Altitude is also grief-protected.


V. Orchidia SMP


IP Address: orchidia.me


Orchidia is actually one of the newer Minecraft Survival SMP servers on this list. Founded in late 2020, it markets itself as a “semi-vanilla” platform—meaning it uses plugins to enhance certain aspects of the vanilla Minecraft Survival game mode. However, compared to other over-modded servers, the majority of it remains true to the original experience.


For a fairly new platform, Orchidia still manages to clock a solid 150 active players online during peak time. This is a much better stat than some servers that have been around for quite a while, which means there’s something in Orchidia that keeps players coming back.


In terms of features, Orchidia has one or two fairly unique concepts going for it; in-game currency, player markets, and a land-claiming system that prevents griefing.


minecraft survival servers


VI. Chasecraft


IP Address: https://www.chasecraft.gg/


If you want a more casual, lighthearted approach to Minecraft Survival Servers, Chasecraft is a fairly simple platform that focuses a lot on Pixelmon (a Minecraft survival mod based on the popular franchise, Pokemon). 


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Prior to the Pixelmon update, they were known for mostly hosting bedwars and simple survival themes. With a server capacity of 5,000, we’d say it’s about the right size for finding a close-knit Minecraft community (especially if you enjoy Pixelmon and vanilla survival gameplay).


minecraft survival servers


VII. AppleCraft


IP Address: play.applecraft.org


AppleCraft is a dedicated Minecraft Survival Server that hosts three separate servers—most notable of which is a Survival Server with a player-based economy. Two of its servers – Blue and Purple – have Keep Inventory and claims on at all times. It even remains grief-protected even when it’s closed. The Red server, on the other hand, has Keep Inventory turned off. Claims remain on regardless, and players can grief outside of claims without issue.


All three servers manage a few hundred active players a day during peak hours, which is pretty great for Minecraft players looking for a solid community.


If you’re against raiding and griefing, this community is for you. AppleCraft has a strict zero-tolerance policy for either action, and they have an incredibly active administrative team and help staff to enforce it. However, do note that PvP is permitted on unclaimed land.


VIII. OmegaCraft


IP Address: http://omegacraft.cl/


OmegaCraft is a Chile-based server that follows a hunger games theme, with additional games like Skywards and Skyblocks for extra entertainment (they even have a Prison OP which, according to the reviews, is a lot of wholehearted survivalist fun). They have more than 2,000 Discord members and a capacity of 12,000 players per server. 


Ever since they launched in 2017, OmegaCraft has undoubtedly become one of the most joined Minecract servers around.


IX. Earth MC


IP Address: play.earthmc.net


Marketed as a “geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft,” Earth MC is definitely one to watch. It’s a survival server that features a huge, custom-built earth map that perfectly replicates every single country in real life. It’s basically a map of the world in a Minecraft setting. 


If that alone isn’t impressive, wait until you try the actual gameplay. It’s based on basic Minecraft Survival mode but there are several key features that set it apart. Earth MC players can build their own towns, elect a government, start political wars, and trade with other towns and nations.



X. MineVille


IP Address: https://mineville.org/


As one of the more high-capacity servers around (roughly 5,000 or so since their last update), MineVille strikes a good balance between casual gaming, broad community, and not-so-vanilla Minecraft Survival gameplay. The main theme of this survival server is Skyblocks. Players can earn a realm-wide currency called Minebucks, which they can then use to sell, trade, host giveaways, or buy shop items. Every Minebuck is roughly the equivalent of 1 US penny, and players can earn as much as 2,000 Minebucks just for leading the MineVille board! Players can also learn what else they can do with Minebucks via the /bucks menu.


XI. Mox MC


IP Address: moxmc.net


This unbloated, simplistic, straightforward Minecraft Survival Server is comparable to Simple Server in that it stays true to the vanilla, unmodded version of Minecraft survival. Players looking to experience rough, authentic gameplay in a huge multiplayer community (which is currently 40,000 Discord members and counting) will enjoy Mox MC’s casual, no-fuss approach to Minecraft Survival. In fact, recent site statistics show that this server attracts thousands of daily active players. 


Mox MC also remains one of the few Minecraft servers that quickly and consistently update their Minecraft versions to the latest patches. If you’re fairly new to the world of Minecraft and Minecraft servers, this is a good place to start.


XII. ManaCube


IP Address: http://manacube.com


ManaCube – also known as Mana Skyblock – is one of the most popular servers in the Minecraft community. Many credit it mostly to their unique (and incredibly rewarding) rank system, where players can donate to the server to achieve various ranks. These ranks include VIP, MVP, VIP+, and Elite, just to name a few. Of course, you can always choose not to donate and just enjoy the gameplay.


Because of this, though, ManaCube does have one of the most active server communities for its size. The current Discord membership count is around 43,000. ManaCube players and members are given various roles to keep the engagement going, and the server’s capacity of 5,000 allows it to host quite a number of players for community minigames and parkour games. 


Admins are also known for organizing new tournaments and competitions on the regular to keep participation high.


If you have to choose a Minecraft Survival Server based on community alone, we’d highly recommend ManaCube.



XIII. SurviveWithUs


IP Address: mc.survivewith.us


Survive With Us (or SurviveWithUs) is a Minecraft Survival Server that offers a complete no-grief experience – because all their servers are grief-protected! Established in 2018, this server is home to five different “realms” and tons of item-reward quests. 


Three years later, Survive With Us is now known as one of the most active servers with high-quality survival gameplay. 


SurviveWithUs has a pretty unique claiming system that allows players to claim chunks at a time. Their plugins are custom-built by their development team, further allowing them to reward skilled players who outperform others in Minecraft Survival-related activities (like killing hostile mobs, for instance, or surviving the longest in their group). Rewards are themed and may include things like in-game money or “land-claim” points.


XIV. Purple Prison


IP Address: purpleprison.net


As one of the most popular Prison-themed Minecraft servers, Purple Prison has great replay value. There are tons of goals to focus on and areas to explore. Plus, once players beat the main prison game (and earn enough money to be freed), they’re then released into the server’s main wilderness and left to survive—thus kicking off the game’s survival mode!


Do note that this particular server isn’t very beginner-friendly. If you’re after a nice, casual gaming experience, stick to the others on this list. Purple Prison is a rather ruthless sandbox world that allows for hardcore PvP and follows specialized raiding mechanics.


But if you love the thought of gangs, gang wars, trading outposts, and raiding, then it’s definitely up your alley.



XV. Lord of the Craft


IP Address: http://lordofthecraft.net


For Minecraft players who are also fantasy nerds, this LotR-themed Minecraft server is the perfect place for you. Currently, on its fourth year (and still going strong, by the looks of it), Lord of the Craft is home to 48,000 Discord members. It offers plenty of worlds for roleplaying and LotR-based gameplay, and the main theme of all of them focuses on good old-fashioned survival. 


Presently, the server averages roughly 700 daily active members. Given that the server’s current capacity caps at 500, you’d expect there to be a problem. However, members of the server seem to have no complaints.


XVI. Foxcraft


IP Address: mcfoxcraft.com


Foxcraft is a popular, Pixelmon-themed SMP server that allows PvP games. They recently released a competitive games system that pits teams – Red vs. Blue – against each other. This PvP survival format requires teams to fight to the death for tickets. Each player is given a number of tickets, and the only way they can win more is by getting the tickets of other players. Teams that have zero tickets automatically lose the battle. Do note that this theme may seem a little dark – bit Battle Royale or Hunger Games – so we can’t recommend this for players interested in lighthearted gameplay.



XVII. SkyBlock Network


IP Address: https://skyblocknetwork.com


And last, but certainly not the least, is SkyBlock Network – a survival-based Minecraft Server that boasts of a close-knit community and plenty of unique, semi-vanilla Survival themes to keep players interested. They have a capacity of 2,000 players and a solid 5,000 members on Discord. Their main theme – economy – utilizes player-based and shop-based systems as a way to earn and trade game currency.




And there you have it; 17 of the best Minecraft Survival Servers for 2021. To recap, these are:


  1. Simple Survival
  2. BreakdownCraft
  3. Hypixel
  4. Altitude
  5. Orchidia SMP
  6. Chasecraft
  7. AppleCraft
  8. OmegaCraft
  9. Earth MC
  10. MineVille
  11. Mox MC
  12. ManaCube
  13. SurviveWithUs
  14. Purple Prison
  15. Lord of the Craft
  16. Foxcraft
  17. SkyBlock Network


We personally love Survival Gameplay (non-PvP, of course!) because of how it can develop a dozen different skills with repetitive play: memory, problem-solving, spatial awareness, planning acumen, and observational skill … just to name a few!


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