How to Get Free Robux on Roblox – The Ultimate Guide for 2019


Everyone wants free Robux these days, and every week millions of people search for the easiest, foolproof ways to get them.


Robux (RBX), Roblox’ virtual currency, is absolutely attainable, but in order to earn them, you must follow a series of steps, and you need to be very careful of scams.


In this guide How to Get Free Robux on Roblox, we will go into details on four tried and true ways to get free Robux.


As an online coding school, we  also include detailed instructions on how to earn Robux by making your own games on Roblox Studio while utilizing game passes and developer products. For more info on this lucrative practice, you can check out our Roblox Game Development courses at CodaKid.com.


Become a Member of Builders Club

free robux


Becoming a member of Builders Club, the Roblox premium subscription service, is a good investment for users.


The fun part is that you will get an additional free R$100 signing bonus to boost your starting value. While this free Robux addition comes as part of a paid subscription, it is still a considerable amount of help in terms of getting the ball rolling.


While this method for gaining free Robux is a slower one, it helps get you to the next level on your quest, particularly when you starting out.


Sometimes, it’s the smaller amounts (perhaps as low as one day’s stipend sometimes) that can really add up and make a difference.


Plus, not only does this give you access to Robux daily, it also gives you the chance to earn even more free Robux through the other opportunities we will discuss as well as let you create your own catalogue content.


Generally speaking, a membership with Builders Club is the foundation for most other earning opportunities.


Buy Robux Directly


free robux


Another way that you can help boost your Roblox capital is by directly buying Robux, even if this also isn’t a 100% free option.


Much like with any platform that involves currency, you can directly purchase Robux through most major payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, etc.).


The trick here is that you can purchase Robux in bundles. As you can probably guess, Roblox isn’t much different from other platforms in this area, either: the more you buy, the better the value is.


To break it down simply through examples, purchasing the cheapest and smallest bundle gives a value of around R$80 for every $1USD spent. However, the largest bundle bumps that value up to about R$112 for every $1USD spent, giving you extra Robux for what you spend.


Of course, this method is an investment since it requires real funds upfront, but it definitely pays off in the long-run through the bonus Robux you will be able to acquire from your purchase.


Sell Content in the Roblox Catalogue



This is where things will start to get a little more complex, but also a lot more fun since it will require more personal effort and thought.


Players have the opportunity to use the Roblox catalogue to design and sell shirts and pants that can be purchased by other players to customize their character.


This is an excellent opportunity for all Roblox players to profit off of their humor, creativity and knowledge of pop culture. Excelling in these areas while making designs is what will lead to popular items.


As mentioned earlier, having an account through Builders Club is required in order to make and sell your own designs, proving that the first step is that much more of a quality investment.


Once you have this ability, though, you are able to create and sell your own designs for 70% of the profit, giving you opportunity to bring in a great deal more Robux for no extra charge beyond the subscription to Builders Club.


free robux


Once you get the hang of creating your designs, it can become not only useful in gaining Robux, but a fun part of the platform to explore and have a good time mastering.


Additionally, if you have any hats or gear (especially if they were sold as “LimitedU” with a serial number), you may be able to sell these while clearing out your inventory.


While you also must have a membership with Builders Club to do this, you are able to keep 100% of the profits here!


This is ultimately a fantastic way to get some more Robux in your account, and it adds a whole new element to your experience that you may even enjoy more than you’d expect!


Develop Your Own Games



Finally, you can also boost your Robux funds by developing games of your own through the Roblox platform.


This is likely the best way to earn Robux, and it helps you to monetize a lot of the skills you’ve likely been developing.


(And by the way – a quick plug – If you are interested in coding for kids, CodaKid affordable subscriptions to over 40 award-winning online courses that can help you learn how to create your own Roblox games, monetize Roblox, mod Minecraft, make super-realistic 3D games in Unity or Unreal Engine 4, build real websites, and more.)


While we have already gone into how you can take advantage of the catalogue to sell designs and items you may already have, game development is a much more intricate way to monetize your gaming content.


A popular game can earn its creator thousands or even millions of Robux, so doing this well can be an extremely lucrative endeavor.


The most important thing is to make sure that your game is genuinely fun so that people will want to play it. If you don’t even have particular interest in playing the game yourself, it’s likely that others will not either.


Of course, there are a few other intricacies to look into, so let’s take a minute to really go into depth with the main concepts: developer products and game passes.


Developer Products


Basically, developer products are items in Roblox that players can buy multiple times and make for great in-game currency, ammo or similar purchases.


You need to add Developer Products to an existing Roblox game. At CodaKid we have an excellent course that covers adding Developer Products and Game Passes to your very own Tycoon.


This will be a critical way to monetize your game since it is such an effective way to implement in-game currency. More Robux will be earned if you are a Builders Club member!


Game Passes


While similar to developer products, the main difference you’ll find in game passes is that they are a one-time purchase while developer products can be purchased as many times as the player desires.


Additionally, game passes will show up on your page while developer products will not.


Creating a game pass for your game will go as follows:


In Roblox, go to the game you created that you want to add a game pass to and hit the + Game Pass button under store.




Once in the section to create a pass, fill out the image, name, and description.




You will want an icon in the place of the image file. Roblox provides a template as well as some nice general instructions on how to make a game pass.



Now, once the game pass is made, you need to configure the game pass. Select the dropdown for the pass and click configure.


free robux - game pass



Once in the configure window, you need to make the item for sale, add a description, price, name, and save it.


free robux - configure game passes


Now go to the Roblox game you want to create a game pass for and open it in Roblox Studio.


For me I will be creating a trail and speeding up the player in my Roblox Obby (obstacle course) game with this pass.


Now let’s create a trail. If you want to make a trail like shown below, add a new Trail object to the ReplicatedStorage for your game.


Now go to the properties of the trail and rename it to “CodaTrail”, change the color (you can even make it a color sequence!), and transparency.



Once we have the trail made, let’s make a script on ServerScriptService that will detect if a player joining the game has purchased a pass.


If so we will give them the game pass benefits.


Attach a script named GamePassScript to ServerScriptService and open up the script.



Now return to the game pass page on Roblox and let’s copy the link for the pass.


Find the number in your game pass url, highlight and copy these numbers.



Once we have the code go to the GamePassScript we just made and create a couple variables.


These will be MarketplaceService and Players and gamePassID.


Make sure the gamePassID is equal to your ID number we just copied.


After this, create a function that will run whenever the character of a player is added to the game.


This will run when players join a game as well as when players die and respawn so they always receive the game pass benefits.



Now, the function needs to have code in it that will grant the game pass powers to the player that purchased it.


So we want to check if the player has a pass and if this is successful and a pass is found, then we want to grant the player the benefits.


If there is no pass we do not need to do anything.



Now inside of this script, we want to add a function that is triggered with a purchase of the game pass.


Place this underneath the charaterAdded function.


This is a specific marketplace event and the code inside will almost be the exact same as the earlier function.



Now let’s make a way for the players to purchase the pass.


In this example we are using a GUI which is a Graphical User Interface.


This is basically 2D images overlaid on the player screen.


To set this up, add a screenGui and a TextButton to the StarterGui.


Then change the way the TextButton looks inside of the properties.


You want to change the Text, Color, and sizing until you have something you are happy with.



Now when the button looks as you want, we need a local script to sense the mouse click.


Add a new LocalScript to your StarterPack folder in your game and name this PromptPassPurchase then open this up.



Now inside the PromptPassPurchase script let’s make some variables these will be MarketplaceService, Players, buyIcon, and gamePassID.


Make sure gamePassID is equal to the same number in the other script.


Also create a local function that runs when the buyIcon is clicked on the screen.


free robux - roblox coding


Now that we have the function and variables, we need to fill it with the local code that runs the marketplace service and if they already have a pass we can write in code to notify them some way.


In this case I will just print a line to the console.


You can create a more complex interaction if you would like to challenge yourself to code in a different response.



Just like that our code is done!


Make sure to publish your game and test it with your account in Roblox Studio. Also be sure to test it on the Roblox website.


As the owner of the game you will always have access to the game pass.


You may want to ask a friend to test to make sure the purchase window is working correctly because you cannot test that as the owner.


Enjoy your new Roblox Game Pass Trail!



This is very similar to developer products in terms of concept, but once again it is important to note that the purpose of game passes is a one-time buy!


Just like with Developer Products, more Robux will be earned if you are a Builders Club member!


Additional Opportunities



Lastly, a few additional ways that you can monetize your own unique games in Roblox (aside from the more intensive efforts above) include:


  • Earning commissions with advertising: advertise other content on the store and earn a commission if players purchase something through your link
  • Creating VIP servers for your game: this will allow players to have a private server on which they can play with their friends
  • Robox Affiliate Program: Users can receive 5% of what a new users spends on Roblox if they share a link that gets new users to join or if they are the creator of a game that gets a new user to sign up.


Ultimately, these are just some bonus ways to make some extra Robux, but they can really help with bringing in the extra bits that you need.


In Summary


As we’ve established, money makes it happen. To make the most out of the Roblox platform, this concept is no different when applied to Robux.


To help give yourself some extra boosts with some free Robux, however, be sure to:


  • Become a member of Builders Club
  • Buy Robux Directly
  • Sell Content in the Roblox Catalogue
  • Develop Your Own Games


With these extra Robux in your pocket, you’ll have a world of opportunities to explore and will effectively be able to make the most out of all Roblox has to offer.


What will you do with your extra Robux?


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