If your child is an avid Roblox player, then you’re probably familiar with the blocky, LEGO-like proportions of the Roblox avatars. You’re probably also familiar with some of the more popular Roblox games, like Theme Park Tycoon 2 and Jailbreak.


That being said, you’re probably just as surprised as most people to know that “scary Roblox games” exist. Hard to imagine, we know. Especially since Roblox is generally geared towards more fun, lighthearted, multiplayer action games or simulation games that kids can enjoy with their friends. The graphics and names usually suit that vibe more.


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However! Roblox is actually a treasure trove of uniquely-designed and creatively-conceptualized horror games. In fact, there are more than a few hundred of them, if one is curious enough to start delving. And they’re all pretty decent horror games as far as scary stories, creepy graphics, and jump scares are concerned.


No need to wait for Halloween; you can enjoy these 10 best Roblox horror games all year ‘round!


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Are Scary Games Allowed on Roblox?


Yes! If your child is thinking of coding a horror game, do know that Roblox will most likely allow them to post it. So the games we’re about to list here are all in-line with Roblox’s TOS and are all, definitely, Roblox-approved.


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This isn’t to say that Roblox is lax, of course! They don’t just allow any game to stay up if it violates their TOS. In fact, non-horror games may be booted from the site (and the creator banned) if they contain adult themes, swearing and/or strong language, or graphical blood/gore.


Roblox is very much aware that they cater to a young audience, so the likelihood of them allowing games that are “too scary” and “too graphic” for children is pretty non-existent.


With that out of the way, let’s get into the games!


1. It Lurks by terriblebox


it lurks roblox horror games


This single-player horror game is not for the faint of heart! Monsters, spooky sounds, and jump scares galore – you’ll find all these (and more) in It Lurks. The premise seems innocent enough; you’ve got an older grumpy brother who tells you to get out of his room and a good-natured dad who leaves to buy groceries (but not before reminding you to get to bed by 10).


The spooky stuff begins once you go to sleep. You wake up, everything’s dark, and for some reason, you’re all alone.


You know better than to go to the basement, but that’s the only way to get the game started and make it through this terror-riddled night.


Thankfully, the graphics aren’t too dark. In fact, everything’s quite bright and colorful! But just make sure you keep all the lights around you on – just in case.


2. Roses by Clockwork Entertainment


Roses roblox horror games


If you are fond of horror movies and adventure games, then Roses might just be the perfect game for you. 


Created by Clockwork Entertainment, this game is without a doubt well-made and the creators clearly put an insane amount of effort to this game. The dialogue, voice-over, and even the props on the background are highly detailed and well-executed.


Roses is a first-person single-player horror game readily available for download on Roblox. 


You would play a character who lost a friend named Max in an asylum. It is now up to you to find Max in that same old asylum.  


Since the developers have paid great attention to the details, you have the ability to interact with the objects and props in the background during the duration of your exploration in the asylum. 


So if you are naturally curious and are one of those players who pay great attention to the tiniest amount of details in the game, then you should really check out Roses by Clockwork Entertainment. 


3.Lloyd Residence by Chuck_Lloyd


lloyd residence


This game is perfect for those who love to read about myths and listen to scary stories. 


The premise of the game revolves around Chuck Lloyd, an ancient knight stained by his past dreams and experiences sleep shortages all the time. 


Once you play this game, you would see a lot of spirits and ghosts that haunt Chuck Lloyd, trying to kill him.


It is a cross between zombies, ghosts, and myths. So the game has a lot more to offer. 


Based on the myth community, the game is split into two games theoretically. Lloyd’s residence (which has the keys) and Chuck’s basement (which has the clues to Chuck_Lloyd’s backstory).


If you like riddles and putting clues together then this Roblox game would surely be a treat for you.


Given that this game has been widely played, there are several forums and theories roaming around the web about this game.


4. Light Bulb: Reillumination by PuffoThePufferfish


Roblox Horror Games


This one’s also a bit different from the other games on this list, perspective-wise. You literally see everything from a top-down perspective—which is unlike the classic first-person or over-the-shoulder perspective that most Roblox games utilize. 


The premise is pretty simple; escape the maze before you get caught. Just know—every little thing matters. The directions, the lights, the music change, the barely audible noises … everything. The creator recommends headphones for the best experience, so do remember to keep a pair on-hand. 


Again, it’s not as classically scary or pulse-pounding as the other games on this list, but it’s still a fairly chilling experience!


5.SCP-3008 by uglyburger0




The most unique and fun horror land.


As we all know, SCP 3008 is an IKEA retails store with infinite interior space. And as you might already guess, this horror game was built and based around that. 


The main goal of the game is simple. To stay alive. 


Throughout the game, you would be able to build huge bases all the while surviving and exploring this SCP 3008 vast horror land of furniture. 


For some, it is a Swedish furniture horror dream. And if you like simple, buildable, DIY furniture from IKEA and want to incorporate it in a horror game, then this game is perfect for you. 


The gaming experience is really fun and interesting because the inhuman creature who would stalk you around the SCP 3008 is called “Staff” (which we think is pretty clever and funny)


It is a cheeky horror game with a dash of humor on the side so you would not be disappointed with the quality of this game.  


6. The True Backrooms by Kord_K


roblox horror games


In The True Backrooms, you have one simple goal: escape.


Navigate the maze-like structure that you find yourself in. It shouldn’t be too hard. Most of the areas are well-lit. For the ones that aren’t, you’ve got a flashlight (unless it isn’t available yet). Don’t worry about those sounds you’re hearing – just focus on finding the exit. Too many corridors? Feels like you’re running in circles? Impossible. You just woke up in a backroom. There’s no way to get stuck.




This game is definitely more psychological thriller and suspense than it is horror, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give you the heebie-jeebies! You’ll need all your wits about you as you run around trying to escape The True Backrooms.


(Note: be sure to have your sound on, as the sound is actually crucial in solving and completing this game!)


7. Identity Fraud (Revamp) by Team MOTHERBOARD


identity fraud


If you loved the maze-like quality of The True Backrooms, then you’ll love Identity Fraud [Revamped]. Monsters lurk behind each and every dark corner of this weird, asylum-like maze, and it’s your job to figure out how to avoid them.


There are puzzles along the way to keep things interesting (as if being chased by creepy shadow people wasn’t interesting enough), but the best challenge really is figuring out what makes each monster tick. For instance, there’s a monster that won’t move or chase you as long as you’re looking at him. So you can actually walk backward the entire time to get away and he’ll remain rooted to the spot.


The game design is actually quite simple, with the only environment being corridor after corridor of brick walls and torches. But the scares, suspense, and odd feeling of vulnerability – because your character is weaponless and defenseless – make this scary Roblox game one worth trying.


8.Hello Neighbor by MaskedBrick games


hello neighbor


Full of jump scares (though not too scary) and thrilling quests to your neighbor’s house.


If you like action, thriller, and suspense movies, then this might be the perfect game for you. 


Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror movie where you will try to figure out and expose your neighbor’s crime. Like every stealth game, your main goal is to avoid dying and overcome your opponent (which is your neighbor).


Keep in mind that your neighbor would go to great lengths just to protect his secrets. With that, you have to make sure that he does not catch you, or else you are dead. 


Just like any cliché movie, the game would start with your character moving into a new house. And as time passes, you would start to notice your neighbor’s paranoid and unusual behavior. 


It is worth mentioning that even though it is a stealth game, there is no active violence in this game like other typical horror games. 


9.All Insanity: The Asylum by Rocket Dreams



If you like Five Nights at Freddy’s then you would surely love All Insanity. 


The premise of the game is like FNAF. However, for this specific game, you would be working as a security guard for an asylum for about five nights. 


Given that it is an asylum, there will be people who will try to harm you during your watch. 


You need to be always on the lookout by flashing the windows, shutting the doors, checking the vents, and minding all the corridors you walk through.


Remember that as each night passes, the level of difficulty also rises. Do not keep your guard down as there will be more and more people you need to watch out for each night. 


And like FNAF, expect loud noises and jump scares throughout the game.


You can play this with your friends or siblings because the mechanics of the game are so easy even a little kid can play it. 


10. School History by TubPong


roblox school history


The same genius behind The Apartment brings yet another delightfully scary Roblox game to this list. Armed with nothing but a candle and your wits, you and your friends must uncover the secrets and dark truths about the school. 


Wander around (in almost complete darkness) the school property as you collect keys, gear, and various items to help you unlock doors – and survive whatever is waiting behind them.


The graphics are pretty good and the music is awesome, but it’s the atmosphere that really makes this game stand out. Dark, shadowy, and the barest of light to guide your way. If you ever wanted to explore your school after dark, School History by TubPong just might change your mind!


Are These Games Too Scary for My Child?


Since Roblox uses a LEGO-inspired, kid-friendly-style for their graphics, the characters in all the games are quite cartoon-y. They have bulky, block-like bodies and simple, cartoonish faces. So there is absolutely no realism to be found here.


The monsters and boogeymen in these games share the same proportions: cartoonish, comical, and overly-simplified. So to equate these Roblox horror games to actual live-action horror movies is a bit of a stretch.


That being said, we understand the concern. We at CodaKid always advocate for safe gaming. We personally don’t believe the games we’ve listed here are too scary for 10- to 15-year-olds, and kids younger than 10 could easily play with an older sibling or cousin.


We have purposely left out several popular horror games due to excessive violence and gore because we deem them unfit for our audiences.


If the synopsis and/or trailer for any of these games worries you, we recommend checking out the ratings and reviews for it!


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So, there you go! The 10 best Roblox Horror Games that your child can enjoy with (or without) their friends – all for free. Again, we highly recommend constant parental supervision. 


Most of these games employ the classic jump scare to surprise your kids, so there should be a good deal of screaming going on. But as far as really graphical scenes are concerned, the kid-friendly-style-graphics of Roblox should keep things pretty tame.

Let’s recap the Roblox horror games we covered:


  1. It Lurks
  2. Roses
  3. Lloyd Residence
  4. Light Bulb: Reillumination
  5. SCP-3008
  6. The True Backrooms
  7. Identity Fraud (Revamp)
  8. Hello Neighbor
  9. All Insanity : The Asylum
  10. School History
  11. Are These Games Too Scary for My Child?
  12. Conclusion


However, some themes (i.e., murder, psychological horror, demons/monsters) might not sit well with you. If so, we highly recommend doing more thorough research on the individual games before you give your child permission to engage.


Roblox is a fun way to engage with other people, but your child’s safety must always take precedence! We hope you enjoyed our Roblox horror games article! 

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