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Minecraft is known as an incredible open-world platform that supports creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as it allows players to interact freely with anything and everything they might find. From sourcing rare items to crafting useful items (or sometimes useless junk), there’s no denying how much this game encourages manic hands-on, do-it-yourself energy.


One of our favorite aspects of Minecraft would be building Minecraft Houses. Depending on the mode you’re playing in, you can put up a home of your own unique design just about anywhere. 


There are no prerequisites, no set boundaries, and virtually no limits (short of the game’s actual programmed physics). If you want to build your house on the very top of a mountain, you can. If you want to build it under the ground, you can.


That’s the magic of Minecraft, and that’s what we’re going to explore in this article today; Minecraft houses, and just how creatively versatile they can get!


But before that, let’s start with some building basics.


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Basic House Building Tutorial


Minecraft Basic House


The trick to building Minecraft houses is to start simple. You can upgrade as you gather more resources, but the whole point of a house – at least at first – is to have a safe spot you can retreat to when things start spawning.


But yes; we’re going to give you some lavish/clever/creative house concepts that you can build in Minecraft later on in this article, so stay tuned!


For now, let’s start with a quick tutorial on how to build a house in Minecraft. Just the basics!


Step 1: Build Your Walls


Place blocks down on top of each other to make walls. The height and length of your walls will depend on how many blocks you put down vertically and horizontally. You can use most any block for walls, like dirt, sand, wood, gravel, or cobblestone.


Bear in mind, though, that wood-based blocks will make a building more susceptible to fire.


Step 2: Make a Roof


Once your walls are finished, you can create a roof by placing blocks on top of them. Make sure to lay them side-by-side!


As with walls, you can use almost any material. However, you cannot use sand or gravel for the roof. They’ll collapse.


Step 3: Add the Doors


Doors can be made through crafting. You’ll need six (6) planks of any building material. Arrange them in the first two columns of the crafting table, in a 2-by-3 formation. You can make as many as needed and as many as your resources will allow.


Step 4: Don’t Forget Light


Monsters spawn in darkness, so remember to add plenty of torches in and around your house! Torches are fairly easy to craft, too. All you need is one (1) stick and one (2) coal, or one (1) stick and one (1) charcoal. Either will work.


Arrange the components in the crafting table grid as shown below.


Minecraft Torch




Minecraft Torch 2


Make sure the stick is in the middle square and the coal or charcoal is in the square above it.


Step 5: Furnish Your House


Now that you have a safe base, you should consider adding stuff to it to make it safer and more convenient (like a real home)! For instance, crafting some chests for storage can help you stock up on more items and resources. Having a bed of your own can help with your rest and spawn point. And having a furnace in your home can be great for preparing food, smelting ores, and crafting other miscellaneous blocks.


You can craft a bed using three (3) wool blocks and three (3) planks (any wood). 


Minecraft Bed


A chest requires eight (8) planks, also of any wood. And a furnace can be crafted from eight (8) cobblestones or eight (8) blackstones.


As you advance, you’ll want to look into tools and items like enchanting tables and grindstones. But seeing as this is a basic home-building tutorial, a bed, a furnace, and some chests will do for now.


Step 6: Decorations & Finishing Touches


Once you’re in a position where you can easily harvest materials and resources (to the point where you often have excess), you can start adding personal touches to your Minecraft house. Consider fortifying your walls with concrete, crafting buckets to create water pools, and adding some natural light with windows (or even stained glass windows for more color!) These are all fairly easy to craft, too. You just need to get the right ingredients.


  • Concrete – 1x Dye, 4x Sand, 4x Gravel
  • Buckets – 3x Iron Ingots
  • Glass Panes (for windows) – 6x Glass Blocks


Check out how to craft dye, carpets, banners, stained glass and more in our comprehensive 2020 Guide to Minecraft Recipes!


Now that you’ve got the basics for building a Minecraft house down, how about some really cool housing concepts? You’ll be surprised just how lavish, complicated, and downright sprawling some builds can get! As long as you’ve got the time, the creativity, and – most importantly – the resources to craft everything you need, you can definitely create some incredible housing projects, too.


8 Ideas for Cool Minecraft Houses:


Minecraft Starter Treehouse


If you’re smack-dab in the middle of creeper spawns and night is swiftly approaching, get to high ground – in style! Minecraft Treehouses are as nostalgic (think sunny summer afternoons in the park or hiding from your pesky older siblings in your own backyard) as they are tactical. The high vantage point gives you a significant advantage against any enemies and mobs that come a-calling. The altitude will keep you safe from most ground-based swarms.


And if you decide to build the house in an existing tree – instead of from scratch – surrounded by other trees, you’ve got plenty of sources for your building materials already.


This Minecraft house is also pretty beginner-friendly, all things considered. All you really need is wood, wood, and more wood. As long as your base is solid, your house will be, too. But we’ll let YouTube user TheMythicalSausage show you how it’s done:


Minecraft Farmhouse


Minecraft Farm


If you’re worried less about mobs and more about self-sufficiency, consider building your very own farmhouse. You’ll need a lot of materials, initially, but it’ll be so worth it in the long run. You’ll be able to grow as much food as you like, harvest plenty of raw materials for future crafting projects, and maybe even raise a couple of animals. 


And the actual living quarters can be as simple or as over-the-top as you’d like it to be.


Check out this beautiful farmhouse designed by JUNS MAB Architecture:



Its raised, modular design gives it such a unique aesthetic. Plus, the foundation is roomy enough for later expansions.


Don’t let the 362 pieces of Oak Log and 733 pieces of Oak Planks intimidate you. As we said earlier, the long-term results will be totally worth it.


Peaceful Minecraft Japanese House


Up for a little challenge? Why not try designing a Japanese-style Minecraft house?


Not a Japanese-themed one, okay? That one’s a little different.


Implement and incorporate Asian design elements into your blueprints to create a peaceful and tranquil two-story home with plenty of torches, chests, and blossom trees throughout. The initial base and shell of the house may be a doozy to build – what with all the pillars, platforms, and sunken areas – but it’s a great way to test your Minecraft-house-building acumen. Try using cobblestone, sandstone, or acacia wood for the foundation to really achieve that one-with-the-earth vibe.


We also recommend checking out this tutorial by JermsyBoy:




Intimidating All-Wood Mansion


Wooden Mansion


The folly many beginner Minecraft players fall prey to when they start building homes is overcomplicating the process. When they think “starter home,” they think the most basic of material blocks: wood, glass panes, and maybe a cobblestone roof. When they think “mansion” (or a house that’s equally as big and sprawling), they think more complicated building blocks are needed: concrete, sandstone, stone bricks, and obsidian.


Not necessarily.


Just check out TheMythicalSausage’s stunning mansion – made entirely out of wood!



Three stories and several dozen rooms of just plain wood. It’s strong, defensible, detailed, and just as visually stunning as any large Minecraft house made of obsidian and red brick.


Urban Contemporary House


Think a white-walled, crisp-edged, contemporary high-rise condo doesn’t belong in the world of Minecraft?


Think again.


JUNS MAB Architecture wows us once again with this striking modern Minecraft build:



This four-story open build looks like it belongs in a current Home or Interior Design magazine as blueprint inspiration. Bright lights, unique shell, frosted spine, and floor-to-ceiling windows. This may not fit Minecraft’s common aesthetic, but there’s no denying that it is such a treat to look at!


Blue Suburban Build


Suburban House


If you want a modern build without going full contemporary or full urban, why not hit the best compromise? A suburban home in Minecraft is completely doable – white trim, sunny blue walls, street-facing garage door, and all! Just check out Rizzial’s comprehensive tutorial on it:



Too cute!


The tall stone foundation and raised porch are absolutely perfect, but it’s really just the highly-saturated blue walls that get us. They’re almost unnervingly accurate! If you want three floors of spacious, well-lit interiors and all the modern comforts a Minecraft player could want, try your hand at building a modern Minecraft suburban.


VII. Underground Minecraft Home


Instead of towering over every approaching player or mob in six stories of glass, brick, stone, and concrete, why not go the completely opposite direction? Underground bases are cool, secretive, and highly defensible. And based off of this spectacular tutorial by YouTuber ItsMarloe, they can obviously look stunning.



ItsMarloe’s build is incredibly roomy and strikes all the items on the Ultimate Underground Bunker checklist. If put in the context of a zombie (crawler?) apocalypse, this could be the safest place to be. And if you follow their tutorial to the letter, you’ll notice that the modular design gives you plenty of room for future expansions.


VIII. The Odd Diagonal Minecraft Home


With enough time, experience, and resources, anyone can build a mansion, a cottage, a cabin, and even a red-brick townhouse.


But can you build diagonally?


Reddit User and Minecraft Architect Swordself_MC apparently can. He challenged himself to literally think outside the box for some fresh Minecraft house ideas. This is what he came up with: a home with a diagonally-built side right next to the front-facing entrance. The overall result gives the home incredible depth, dimension, and definitely character.


Minecraft Houses Conclusion 


Wow, that was a long guide! We covered the basics as well as some great examples of Minecraft houses!


Let’s go over what we covered!


What were some of your favorite styles? Which Minecraft house design do you feel like tackling? Don’t be too hard on yourself if your first build doesn’t go exactly as you envision. Given enough practice – and a lot of sourcing, mining, crafting – you too can build some creative and breathtaking builds!


Check out some of our other popular Minecraft guides below!



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