Roblox is a gaming platform and game creation engine that allows kids to play, create, code and publish their own 3D video games. 


In this article, we are going to take a look at the seven best Roblox games for kids that will inspire your child to be a creator, engineer, and entrepreneur. 


Each review will cover a brief synopsis, our verdict, and the skills the game or activity teaches, so keep reading! But before we get to the review let’s address an important question that many parents ask. 


Is Roblox Safe for my Kids?


Yes, it is, provided that you set up parental controls for younger kids and monitor your child or teen’s activities (this is the same advice we give to parents for any multiplayer online game console or platform).


Roblox’s visuals and general platform are actually marketed towards younger audiences. The nature of most of its games may have pulled an older crowd, but the majority of the platform is generally meant to be enjoyed by young users.


We’re not encouraging you to let your kid run around it unsupervised, of course. Roblox is still an online platform. There are always going to be questionable, unsavory elements of the internet that are out of our control. However, laying out some ground rules and monitoring your child’s activity will no doubt keep your kids safe and happy.


So if you’re unsure about plopping them down in front of a Roblox game, don’t worry; as long as you’re vigilant and know what to watch out for, Roblox is a fantastic learning platform for 7-year-olds. In fact, we’d argue Roblox is one of the best ways to introduce coding for kids.


Roblox Coding


Best Roblox Games for Kids


Roblox Studio


Synopsis: Though not technically a game, this is our favorite Roblox activity in the Roblox ecosystem.


Roblox Studio is arguably one of Roblox’s main claims to fame. It’s a powerful platform that enables users to create their own game or virtual hangout right in the Roblox server. What’s more, the controlled environment provides a safe space for curious coders and young programming enthusiasts to practice, experiment, and eventually develop their coding skills without fear of judgment or failure. 


Why is Roblox coding one of the best ways to introduce your child to coding? In our estimation, the game creation engine provides the perfect sandbox for kids to develop their own games, and the Lua programming language (the coding language students will use to bring their games to life) is an easy to learn language for kids and teens to learn.


To date, Roblox has at least 40 million games. And with more than 2 million online users sharing and creating their own 3D games, that number is likely to increase exponentially.



Verdict: Though its original purpose may have been pure enjoyment, Roblox has unknowingly created a practical platform that teaches kids basic coding and game design skills. If you really want to delve deeper into the growth and development benefits of Roblox Studio, we’d even argue that the whole game-share system can teach kids to be entrepreneurs


If you think your kid has a promising career in STEM, definitely check Roblox Studio out.




  • Coding for Kids
  • Creativity
  • Game Design
  • Entrepreneurship


Theme Park Tycoon 2


Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: Now available on Xbox One, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is the kind of game you hear about without even knowing its origins. What started as a simple enough game with a pretty straightforward “tycoon” concept has grown into something overwhelmingly powerful and strangely addictive.


As the name suggests, the object of the game is to create the Greatest Theme Park Ever. How do you do this? That’s half the fun; it’s all up to you. Whether you achieve this title by constructing the most monstrous roller coaster you can think of or by cramming millions of rides in one tiny lot, Theme Park Tycoon 2 gives you all the freedom you need to just create. You can do it solo or you can invite your friends to pool your ideas and resources, real-time.


This game rewards immersion and out-of-the-box thinking, which is why it’s become quite the popular platform for kids (and kids at heart) of all ages.


There are thousands of ways to customize your own theme park. You can reshape the existing terrain, choose the scenery, put up merchant stalls (for food, merchandise, and the like), and build dozens of theme park rides from scratch. Along the way, you unlock more items, customizations, and achievements.


The idea is to attract visitors, entertain them, and meet their needs. As your visitors’ increase (and are kept happy—very important!), your reputation grows exponentially.


Verdict: We love an almost open-world game that gives players the freedom to wander around and build with no holds barred. The concept is very fun and very freeing, the graphics are age-appropriate (and are, at times, quite adorkable), and the customization options are incredible.


We also love how it offers a unique multiplayer experience. It encourages a little friendly competition amongst the community by allowing users to roam around and visit other people’s theme parks (to either inspire or infuriate—totally depends on you!)


Just like coding for kids, Theme Park Tycoon 2 are encouraged to experiment and play around with concepts and ideas—and are taught to not be derailed by failure.




  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Grace Under Pressure/Competition




Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: In jailbreak—another one of Roblox’s Award-Winning Games—users either work together to orchestrate a heist or stop the criminals before they can pull off a robbery. There are three teams: police, prisoners, and criminals.


If you play as prisoners, you must figure out a way to escape to become criminals. Once you’re criminals, you can then rob banks and jewelry stores to purchase faster getaway vehicles, like Bugatti’s and Lamborghinis. You can further customize these vehicles by pulling bigger heists to earn more money.


If you play as police, you need to stop the prisoners from escaping. If you fail, they become criminals. Once they’re criminals, you must then figure out a way to stop them from pulling off all these heists.


This game is so popular, there’s even a physical playset available. The Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist playset comes with 8 Roblox figures, various accessories, and a code for an exclusive Virtual Item (which your child can claim back on the actual Roblox website).


Verdict: Overall, a pretty entertaining game with a moderately challenging concept and hours of good, promising fun. It’s not as violent as one might expect, considering it’s a game that involves the classic cops n’ robbers theme, and any violence in the game is more cartoony than serious. There are also some pretty cool car chase opportunities that your kid might enjoy and a ton of open-world to explore.




  • Dexterous Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  •  Teamwork


Adopt Me!


Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: A soft, slow-paced game set in a world known as Adoption Island, Adopt Me! is a stark contrast to the games we’ve listed so far (i.e., Jailbreak and Theme Park Tycoon 2). As the name suggests, you get to adopt pets, customize homes for them to live in, and explore the quirky island when you can. The goal is to make sure all the animals you’ve saved get enough TLC.


There are two modes; Baby and Parent. Regardless of what you choose, you’re still guaranteed hours of roleplaying and plenty of enjoyable in-game moments.


One of Adopt Me!’s best features is, surprisingly, the house design feature. For a game that markets itself as primarily pet-focused, the level of customization you can make to your house (not to mention your avatar) is simply remarkable. In fact, some reviewers have likened it to The Sims 4 Build/Buy mode. You can change the wallpapers, the walls, the floors, the windows, the décor, the colors … there’s a lot of time to be spent, really, and a lot of fun to be had with that one aspect of the game alone.


And once you’ve invested hours in creating the perfect home, you can then move on to finding and housing the cute little critters that populate Adoption Island.


Verdict: It’s a lovely, gentle game that’s perfect for quiet, immersive playtime. The concept is straightforward, the customization is off the charts, and the gameplay is so refreshingly wholesome. With intuitive features and plenty of in-game interactions, we highly recommend Adopt Me! for kids. The only real danger here is that your kids might want a pet of their own after hours of playing!




  • Design
  • Communication/Socialization
  • Attention to Detail


Booga Booga!


Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: A considerably comprehensive multiplayer survival game that can be likened to Minecraft, Booga Booga! offers some pretty high-stakes gameplay and intense exploration. It has a tribal (almost primitive) setting that places survival as your highest priority. To progress through the game, you travel to new islands, fight enemies, collect resources, and—eventually—form tribes of your own.


What sets this game apart from others is perhaps the high-level challenge it presents. You start out with nothing but a rock in your inventory. From there, you need to figure out how to make it through various eat-or-be-eaten scenarios. Some reviewers have compared it to Minecraft in that the main goal is to gather as many resources as possible in order to move from simply surviving to thriving.


This game encourages quick thinking and rewards unconventional or creative solutions. With plenty of islands to discover and resources to collect, it’s definitely worth checking out!


Verdict: An absolute must-try for kids who enjoy survival/farming-type simulation games. The graphics are excellent, the item list is incredibly comprehensive, and the challenges that come with finding new land and settling in it are sure to make your kids log some serious hours into this game.


Despite the fact that you’re killing animals and fighting other tribes, the violence level is pretty tame. Again, like Jailbreak, it’s pretty cartoony. And the encounters can be a pretty entertaining way of teaching kids how to assess the situation (i.e., if they should fight or flee, if they should attack or hide, etc.).




  • Community Building
  • Collaboration/Cooperation
  • Resourcefulness
  • On-the-spot Decision Making


Welcome to Bloxburg!


Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: Just like Adopt Me!, Bloxburg is a nice, steady-paced roleplaying game that encourages immersion and inspires oodles of creativity. You basically live in a virtual world (Bloxburg) and are tasked with doing realistic, everyday things—such as finding a job, building your house, buying a vehicle, etc. Most of these tasks, of course, require resources. It’s a true-to-life simulation, much like The Sims, only with much simpler, straightforward “quests.”


Aside from meeting your avatar’s needs every day, you need to learn skills in order to gain certain benefits (or even advantages in your job). As you level up, you can build better homes and purchase better items. But the main focus of the Bloxburg is really roleplaying. It’s a real-life simulator that encourages players to communicate and interact with other players. The ultimate goal is to simply build the life you want for your avatar—and maybe make some actual friends along the way.


Content-wise, the gameplay is very smooth. There are discoverable animations when doing certain tasks, and they’re definitely a treat to watch. A decent amount of jobs are available for players, and each comes with their own unique “quests.” This definitely adds to the replay value of the game. The town can certainly be explored quite a bit, and there are enough Bloxburg users (hundreds of thousands, actually) to ensure that you’ll meet plenty of people along the way. Home design/decoration is also quite extensive, with multiple categories and items to choose from.


Overall, a very casual game for casual, imaginative players. If your kid has ever expressed interest in The Sims, they might love this one.


Verdict: Welcome to Bloxburg! It is a great game for kids who love playing “grown-up” or playing pretend. It’s a nice, easy, slice-of-life simulator that encourages communication and hard work. It’s great for giving kids a glimpse into what life will be like when they grow up. We personally love the community aspect of it.




  • Attention to Detail
  • Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Community Building


Work at a Pizza Place


Roblox Coding


Synopsis: Work at a Pizza Place is a high-stakes simulator that’s hilariously addictive. Created by Roblox user Dued1, the goal of the game is simple: manage the pizza shop. Fulfill orders, manage the workers, deliver the right pizzas, and try not to burn the place down in the process. Despite its seemingly straightforward concept, it’s another Roblox smash hit—with over 623 million visits and users to date!


You can choose to play different roles in the pizza parlor, and they’re all pretty distinct. You can play as the cashier, taking each customer’s order—their reaction depends on how you take their order—or as the cook, cooking the pizzas and fulfilling each order. There’s also the option to play as the pizza boxer, the delivery guy, the supplier, or the manager. Each role has its own unique quirks, requirements, and challenges.


For instance, as the cook, you need to avoid leaving the pizza in the oven for too long or dropping the dough (and getting bugs all over it). As the pizza boxer, you need to pack up the right pizzas as quickly as possible and send them to the deliverer. As the deliverer, you need to deliver the correct pizza to the correct house as fast as possible. As the supplier, you need to make sure the shop never runs out of items or ingredients. As the manager, you’re basically managing the entire pizzeria. Send employees back to work, hand out bonus checks, and generally ensure everything is in order.


As you level up, the challenges just get harder. In-game rewards are essentially coins that you can use to upgrade your Roblox home. But the true reward is arguably the success you feel after finishing a particularly stressful day.


Verdict: It’s a fun (and funny) game that encourages fast decision-making and exploration. Just like coding for kids, it encourages children to make entrepreneurial decisions. It helps them view situations through the eyes of a business owner (only with more colorful, kid-friendly lenses). It also inspires a sense of responsibility as each user takes on different roles.




  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Quick Decision-Making
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail




We here at CodaKid hope that by covering the following Roblox  games and activities:


  • Roblox Studio
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2
  • Jailbreak
  • Adopt me!
  • Booga Booga!
  • Welcome to Bloxburg!
  • Work at a Pizza Place


Your child will find one they like!


We encourage you to check out our award-winning teaching platform that offers Roblox coding courses for kids as well as many others for just a low monthly price of $12.50 when purchasing our annual plan. 


What’s your favorite Roblox game? Comment below! 


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