CodaKid, a Scottsdale-based kids computer programming and game design academy, announced that it will be offering classes for ages 7 to 14 in North Scottsdale starting in May. The kids coding and game design academy has partnered with Axosoft and will begin Saturday Modding for Minecraft with Java classes at Axosoft’s modern tech headquarters near Raintree and the 101.

“Axosoft is one of the most dynamic software companies in the Phoenix Valley area, and we are honored that they are willing to allow us classroom space at their headquarters,” said David Dodge, CEO of CodaKid. “Our kids will get to see the real inside of a fast-growing tech company with a strong culture of giving back to the community.” Up to this point, CodaKid has delivered all of its after-school and weekend courses at its tech studio in Old Town Scottsdale on North Brown Avenue.

CodaKid and Axosoft have also announced that they are partnering to deliver free coding workshops for girls ages 6 to 14 in quarterly Modding for Minecraft Code-a-thons that will provide coding instruction for up to 30 girls in dynamic workshops taught by CodaKid’s staff. Both companies will announce a date for the first free girls Code-a-thon early next week.

“Studies have shown that girls who have confidence in their abilities in math, science, and engineering are more likely to choose math and science-related college majors and career directions” says Lawdan Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft. “Both CodaKid and Axosoft recognize the need for more women in engineering professions- and we would like to do our part by helping to encourage girls’ interests in computer programming at the elementary and middle school level,” said Shojaee.

CodaKid currently offers after-school and weekend classes in Modding for Minecraft with Java, 3D game Design, and 3D Modeling and Animation. Starting on June 1st and extending until August 14th, CodaKid will offer full day, one week tech camps at its Old Town Scottsdale tech studio. The company plans to expand its coding and game design programs into several schools throughout the Phoenix Valley area in the fall.

To view the location, pricing, or to register for CodaKid classes at Axosoft in North Scottsdale visit here.

For more information on CodaKid or Axosoft please visit their websites at www.codakid.com and www.axosoft.com.

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