Minecraft is a timeless classic that continues to win over the hearts of old-school players and new-style gamers despite the differences in play-style. The sandbox setting and virtual limitless-ness that is the Minecraft world is undoubtedly what draws people in, but many people stay for the sheer unparalleled creativity that stems from the Minecraft community. 


Yes; a huge part of what keeps Minecraft so immensely popular are the players themselves.


Aside from Minecraft mods, Minecraft shaders, and Minecraft texture packs, another piece of Minecraft content that players contribute and share with each other are seeds. Minecraft seeds (or, Minecraft seed codes, to be specific) are invaluable to Minecraft’s world-building and replay value. 


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In fact, some could even argue that Minecraft seed codes are a must-have for new players, as Minecraft seeds can definitively shape the Minecraft gameplay experience.


But before we give you the codes for some of the best Minecraft seeds, let’s break down exactly what these Minecraft seeds are.


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Minecraft Enchantments


I. What are Minecraft Seeds?


Minecraft seeds are basically codes that you implement in-game to generate playable Minecraft worlds.


Think of them as portals (or portkeys for all you Harry Potter fans).


They can lead to murky dungeons, vast fields, rich vistas, seemingly endless landscapes with gorgeous views, crumbling ruins full of riches and loot … the sky’s (almost literally) the limit with Minecraft seeds. They can change the fundamental nature of your gameplay (i.e., from one of crafting to one of exploration, one of exploration to one of survival, etc.) and your crafting focus.


Minecraft seeds bring so much variation and deviation to the game that it is very, very possible for two people playing the same seed to have vastly different experiences.


II. How to Use Minecraft Seeds


Using Minecraft seeds (or Minecraft seed codes) is fairly simple. All you need to do is copy (or note) the code of the seed you want to try, select ‘Create New World,’ and enter the seed code. That’s it! The game will generate the world you want based on the digits you enter. 


Minecraft seed codes don’t really have a set length or character limit, but they are largely numeric values that can run either positive or negative.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a world with a seed in Minecraft:


For Java, PC, and Mac users, launch Minecraft and select the ‘Create New World’ button. This will launch the Create New World window:


minecraft seeds 1


You can name your world by typing a name in the ‘World Name’ field. Alternatively, if the seed code comes with a world name, you can enter that as well.


Click on the blue ‘More World Options’ button


more world optics


Another iteration of the Create New World window will pop up. This time, you’ll see a field titled: ‘Seed for the World Generator’


Seed for the World Generator


Enter your Minecraft seed code in that field and hit the ‘Create New World’ button.


Wait for the game to generate your world, level, terrain, etc. 


generate levels


The waiting time will depend on different factors (processing power, seed world, etc.). Once it’s done, ta-dah! You should find yourself spawned in the world generated by the Minecraft seed!


  1. For the Minecraft Bedrock edition, the process is more or less the same. Launch Minecraft and select the ‘Create New’ button.
  2. Scroll down until you see the ‘Seed’ field and input your seed code. Click the ‘Create’ button when you’re done. That’s it – you’re all set!


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III. Why Use Minecraft Seeds?


One of Minecraft’s most charming qualities is the fact that it’s a sandbox world. People love the fact that you can create whole cities out of a flat, formless terrain. And in a way, that’s true. There’s beauty – and genuine enjoyment – in creating something from nothing.




A blank canvas isn’t always inspiring. Look at vast emptiness often enough and it can go from stimulating to soullessly boring really quickly. One of the (very few) elements you can’t control in Minecraft is the terrain itself, and the default world for most unspecified games is flat grassland with the occasional puddle of water and maybe some cliff faces.


Not exactly the most motivating of scenery.


Where one spawns for the first time can completely make (or break) a beginner’s Minecraft experience. That’s why the best Minecraft seeds exist; to generate rich, colorful, and interesting worlds for people to conquer, build, and/or explore. 


Different worlds can force you to put different skills to the test, resulting in a play-through that can be either completely challenging or completely random. Whatever the case, the experience will always be different.


Minecraft players are always creating new worlds for their fellow gamers to explore, and combing through them one by one can really drain your playtime. So! We’ve done the work for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best Minecraft seeds of all time so you can skip the research and jump straight into the action.


IV. Best Minecraft Seeds


1. Slime Farm/Swamp Biome


Minecraft Seed Code: 7000


Let’s start with something simple, fun, and a little gloopy. Enter the Minecraft seed code 7000 to spawn at the beginning of a pretty cool swamp biome. Aside from a nearby village that you can visit to get some basic crops and a couple of wolves scattered around, you can start farming slimes as soon as night falls. 


Build yourself a neat Minecraft slime farm while you prepare yourself to explore that small underground cave. Word on the street is, there’s an enderman in there.


2. Frozen Island Minecraft Seed


minecraft seeds frozen island


Minecraft Seed Code: -7865816549737130316


Slime not really your thing? Then how about something a little cooler (and colder)? 


Head on North (maybe) to this awesome icy terrain where polar bears, igloos, and looming ice spires reign supreme. Don’t worry; the generator won’t plop you smack-dab in the middle of a blizzard (though how challenging would that be?) Instead, you’ll spawn right on this convenient survival island with plenty of essential resources to keep you alive (as long as you know where and what to mine). 


This is one of the more extensively-designed worlds, so you’ll have a ways to go before you consider it completely explored.


3. Jungle Temple of Diamonds & Bones


minecraft jungle temple diamonds


Minecraft Seed Code: 87953651674304230


Once you’re ready to drag your frozen butt out of the icy tundra, why not live out your Indiana Jones/Lara Croft fantasies in-game? This Minecraft seed world sends you west of a pretty expansive jungle island with a beautifully designed temple (that may or may not be cursed – the lore wasn’t very clear). 


Don’t worry; the architecture isn’t the only thing of note. According to legend, you can find some sweet, sweet loot deep within the temple. Hint: it’s in the world’s name.


Once you’ve successfully conquered the temple, head on to the ocean. There’s apparently a mine to find and a couple of cave spider spawners to stumble upon.


Important! The loot you’ll find in this seed actually depends on your platform, so don’t be surprised if other players manage to gather things that are completely different from your own haul.


4. Savanna Villages on the Great Plains


Minecraft Seed Code: 508164565


For players who love wilderness-survival-type gameplay, this Savanna Villages on the Great Plains Minecraft seed world might be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s rich in resources and open space, so you can start collecting and crafting to your heart’s content. 


As the name suggests, there are two savanna villages you can visit for more items (and a change of scenery). One can be found near the ocean and the other can be found in the mountains. In between both savanna villages, there’s a plains biome that’s ripe for further exploration. 


Fun fact: the mountain savanna village just happens to be overflowing with mineable, craftable wood.


5. Castaway Minecraft Seed


minecraft seeds castaway


Minecraft Seed Code: -573947210


When life leaves you shipwrecked, build a massive Minecraft mansion (or beach house—your choice, really) out of the debris left behind.


No, but really; Minecraft players love shipwreck seeds because of all the starting resources. This particular Minecraft seed world starts you off with some neat enchanted items, TNT, and an actual (in-game) diamond. And you can find them all within walking distance from where you spawn. Highly recommend this for beginners.


6. Woodland Mansion Seed


minecraft woodland mansion


Minecraft Seed Code: throwlow


Yep – the seed code is a name. Don’t worry; as long as you’re running Minecraft 1.1.4 version, you should be able to spawn this Minecraft world without any trouble.


As any veteran player well knows, Minecraft mansions (especially Minecraft woodland mansions) are hard to come by. Sure, you could always build a mansion for yourself. But where’s the sense of discovery and accomplishment in that? And the loot! 


Turn the tides in your favor – even just a little bit – by entering this sneaky little seed code. It’ll plop your Minecraft character down only a few hundred blocks away from a woodland mansion that’s practically ready and waiting to be raided. 


Build your house, gather your resources, and get ready to storm this conveniently-located mansion.


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7. Turtle Power Minecraft Seed


Minecraft Seed Code: 519124461


Upon first glance, this seed appears to have one sole purpose, and that’s to let you raise your own turtle colony. Cute, fun, and definitely worth a few hours of game time. (C’mon – the little guys are pretty darn adorable!) However, once the novelty wears off, you might find yourself searching up some new Minecraft seed codes so you can jump to other worlds.


Not so fast.


Look to the right of the spawn point. Yep – that’s an honest-to-goodness buried ocean ruin. Have fun looting! There’s a second ocean ruin for you to explore when you’re done with that one.


8. Minecraft Title Screen


minecraft title screen


Minecraft Seed Code: 2151901553968352745 | 8091867987493326313


(both Minecraft world seed codes are known to work)


If you’re fairly new to Minecraft, then you probably don’t know this, but Minecraft’s own title screen has been an elusive white whale. For years, no one could figure out just where that iconic location was – which is a pretty ironic thing to say! 


The body of water, the cliff faces, what we now know is the original Minecraft vista … nothing in the picture could definitively give it away.


That is until dedicated researchers took it upon themselves to manually reconstruct as much of the blurred map as they could snip out all the seeds that couldn’t possibly match up, and then plow their way through the remaining few million seeds to find the exact same 3D data.


Sounds crazy? 


It is. 


And the discovery was earth-shattering. Check out the video of this momentous occasion for a more in-depth exploration. Otherwise, have fun exploring Minecraft’s title screen for yourself!


9. Horse Island Survival


Horse Island Survival


Minecraft Seed Code: 3302368487053953130


Yes, you read that right: horse island. 


If you’ve ever wanted to banish yourself to a deserted island and live out the rest of your days surrounded by happy horses, this (oddly specific) Minecraft seed world is for you.


Entering this code will generate a small island where only you and a bunch of wild horses take up residence. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey. Maybe it’s yours.


If the horses get a little unruly, head on over to the nearby shipwreck to take a break – and maybe gather some resources. There are also a couple of unique items you can unearth, like a compass and a buried treasure map. This seed is definitely best suited for those who prefer exploration overbuilding or crafting.


10. Obsidian Farm Minecraft Seed


minecraft obsidian


Minecraft Seed Code: -8880302588844065321


Balancing out the specificity of the previous item, here’s a Minecraft seed world that’s more suited for the general Minecraft public. Obsidian is a rare and valuable resource in Minecraft, and you can typically only find (and harvest) it in the End. 


However, there is a way to make it from scratch: just let water flow over lava. 


How hard can that be?


Not hard at all with this Minecraft seed. Aside from a convenient Minecraft Nether portal, a few sprawling villages, and a pretty expansive crop farm for you to find and mine from, there’s a waterlogged village just a ways away from your spawn point. And what else would be in the middle of it but a handy little pool of lava, just waiting for water to flow over it? 


Obsidian farming, here you come.


11. The Titanic Minecraft Seed


Minecraft Seed Code: 1045298416328037846


And last (but certainly not least) is another iconic shipwreck seed. Like we said earlier, Minecraft players love shipwreck worlds. They tell an awesome story, there’s space to sprinkle some self-made lore, and there are plenty of starting resources to get you through the cold and lonely nights.


This particular Minecraft seed world has a shipwreck and an iceberg as its main focal points. So already, you’ve got some interesting sources for mineable materials. But make sure you do a thorough sweep of the area, as there are a lot of hidden features in this seed that are worth checking out. Word on the street is that there’s a lush jungle on a nearby island full of rare resources – among other things. 


No confirmation yet if you can find a random door floating harmlessly on the waves, but hey. Stranger things can happen in Minecraft.




There you have it; 11 of the best Minecraft seeds you can still play. To quickly recap, those are:


  1. Slime Farm/Swamp Biome
  2. Frozen Island Minecraft Seed
  3. Jungle Temple of Diamonds & Bones
  4. Savanna Villages on the Great Plains
  5. Castaway Minecraft Seed
  6. Woodland Mansion Seed
  7. Turtle Power Minecraft Seed
  8. Minecraft Title Screen
  9. Horse Island Survival
  10. Obsidian Farm Minecraft Seed
  11. The Titanic Minecraft Seed


Minecraft seeds are honestly one of the best ways to optimize your Minecraft experience. Random generators are fine and all (especially if you don’t feel like choosing anything specific), but not when you’re getting the same bare, bland, and boring landscape. A fresh piece of paper is great and all, but you can’t really draw inspiration from it the way you can an odd painting, an old photograph, or even a random street tableau.


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