As a Minecraft player, you’re probably no stranger to mods. You know, those lovely little packages you add on to your game to make it ten times more interesting. Whether they’re cosmetic, gameplay-related, or otherwise, good Minecraft mods can really improve the gameplay experience.


For Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, Minecraft Addons pretty much do the same thing. Minecraft Addons are downloadable treats that can give your game a little something extra to spice it up.


From Dragons to Drowned, castle sieges to actual alien invasions (yes, really), here are some of the top Minecraft addons you should download this 2021.


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Minecraft addons 5


Why have bats when you could have dragons? Seriously. Blind, high-pitched, screechy rat-mammals that can fly or majestic, fire-breathing, bone-crunching, village-pillaging majestic reptiles that can also fly?


The answer’s pretty obvious for us.


That’s why we are forever grateful to the fantastic developer GONA for nixing the bats and putting these neat-o lizard kings in their place. Relieve your How to Tame Your Dragon fantasies by bravely venturing into caves to find a powerful, hostile-mob-destroying reptile friend of your own.


Alternatively, you can head into creative mode and plant yourself a Bat Spawn Egg. Same thing.


But just so you’re warned! These Minecraft addon Dragons love scooping up sheep and burning them to a crisp. There’s also a 17% chance of Dragon mobs being hostile. Pretty low, but it’s still there.


(By the way, as a quick plug, CodaKid launched an awesome Minecraft Modding course called DragonRider where you get to mod your own Enderdragon with Java, fly it around, and equip it with awesome fireball launchers and custom armor! We have a free 14 day trial of our Mod Creation courses HERE.)


Mega Mech


mega mech


Downloading this will add a – and we quote – “ginormous mechanical robot” that comes with a whopping 500HP and a powerful rock ‘em, sock ‘em attitude. Pretty much Pacific Rim meets every giant robot anime ever, but make it Minecraft.


A pretty cool combination, if we do say so ourselves.


By the same developer that brought you the Dragons Addon, this Mega Mech Addon is every bit as exciting. It’s meant to be mounted and controlled by the puny human player (as is the way most giant-mech-themed media goes), but it can also take initiative and fight hostile Minecraft mobs by itself.


Mechanically speaking, this Minecraft add-on basically replaces the Iron Golem. Craft it with four (4) Iron Blocks and one (1) pumpkin to bring your own (giant) bucket of bolts to life.


Minecolonies Immersed


minecraft addons 2


Ever thought of creating a cozy, bustling little multicultural Minecraft cosmopolitan for your game? This creative, world-building, interactive Town building pack (by Let’s Dev Together) lets players design their own Minecolony – complete with unique craftable options and fully programmed NPCs!


Populate your town with Blacksmiths and Bakers, Fishers and Farmers, Carpenters, Cooks, and everything in between.


What about their livelihood? This add-on has got you covered.


Specialized buildings like Warehouses, a Townhall, and Citizen Huts are also included in this pretty expansive pack. Which, by the way, has been downloaded over 8,000 times since its last update (June 2020).


They even went so far as to add a bunch of voice sounds for the non-playable, auto-generated citizens! Truly a peaceful, immersive experience for players who crave softer, chiller vibes.



Mutant Creatures


minecraft addons 3


If those hostile Minecraft mobs have lost their fear-inducing mojo, it might be time for an update. Or, in this case, an addon. JujuStyle7’s Mutant Creatures Addon ups the creep-factor by a decent five or so by turning existing mobs into straight-up nightmare fuel.


Faster Zombies with large heads. Crooked-neck Creepers with four (!!!) legs. Deformed Drowned that can summon trident-wielding minions.


Really, really think this one through before installing it – especially if you’re only in it for the cosmetic creepiness. Because this Minecraft add-on also beefs up said mutant mobs.


That minion-summoning Drowned we mentioned earlier?


Not even half of it.


Mutant Creepers no longer fear the ocelots. Mutant Wither Skeletons have an unlockable final form and a giant sword. Mutant Strays and Skeletons fire arrows at the same time.


But if you want the extra challenge, then by all means. Show those freaks of nature who’s boss!


Alien Invasion


alien invasion


Maybe the Dragons and the Mega Mech weren’t enough for you. Maybe you want your game to be a true amalgamation of sci-fi-robot-fantasy, with a dash of cool, space-y, high-end technology thrown in for good measure.


If you’re nodding your head enthusiastically, then this Minecraft addon is perfect for you. Defend your city from the alien invaders – aka fast Zombie mobs painted green – as you stock up on powerful new weapons.


Once you’ve dealt with the threat from the sky, forceful extraction is the next step. Explore every area of the new-age, futuristic city in order to find (and eliminate!) all forms of alien infestation.


A word to the wise; the aliens don’t take fall damage. So when you see them leaping from their UFOs, don’t cross your fingers and hope they’ll wipe themselves out. It’s great meme material but also disappointing gameplay.


Castle Siege


castle siege


Alien Invasion Minecraft Addon, but make it medieval.


That’s right – there’s an add-on for that, too.


Made by the awesome Sethbling with Blockworks and Mindcrack, this add-on challenges you to defend your castle against a swarming army of hostile mobs. They’re here to take your land, and your job is to say, “Not today, sir!”




You could also choose to lead said swarming army of hostiles. Yup! In this siege simulator, you can choose to defend the castle or take it down. Pretty versatile of it, all things considered.


The pack was last updated 2016 but it’s still getting plenty of recent downloads. The last count was around 8,200 unique downloads.


3D Portal Gun Addon




If you’re a big fan of the Portal game series, you’re going to love this Minecraft addon.


And if you just know of the Portal game series, you’re probably still going to like this, too.


Based on the aforementioned game, this addon lets you travel around the world in style using the famous portal gun – no scripts involved! It’s a craftable item made up of seven (7) iron ingots, a Nether star, and an Ender pearl. Put them all together, and bam! You’ve got a Blue Portal gun (Point A), locked and loaded. Shoot a blue portal to obtain the Orange Portal gun (Point B) and really complete the experience.


Walkthrough the blue portal to be teleported to wherever the orange portal is, and vice versa. You can cancel portals by hitting them enough times to destroy them. 


Hallowed Hallow


Hallowed Hallow


Halloween season may be over, but the chill can be felt all year-’round. Especially with top Minecraft addons like this. Published October 27, 2020 by BladedAxe77, this one’s a fairly newer addition to the many, many, (many) Minecraft add-ons out there. However, it’s already very promising.


Minecraft PE players get to enjoy a brand-new original biome fraught with new mobs (spoiler alert: ghosts), new food, new building blocks, and some tasty tidbits of lore. No joke; the creator came up with a neat backstory and everything!


Apparently, this haunted forest biome was once a lush, thriving habitat – before it fell victim to a mysterious disease. Now Ghosts flit between the trees and Hallowed Slime roam the land.


There’s even a mysterious mob called the Trick or Treator that you can apparently trade hallowed ingots and candy with. If you can look past their undead pallor, of course.


Amazing Mobs


minecraft addons 4


Ever wanted to battle a Minecraft Manticore? What about a Minecraft Medusa? Some Titanis-shaped chickens, perhaps? Or the ever-elusive Unicorn?


GONA’s Minecraft PE addon – Amazing Mobs – gives you the chance to do exactly that! It mixes creatures of myth with some Minecraft flavor to create some truly spectacular (and intimidating!) new creatures. Say goodbye to boring chickens, screechy bats, and regular-sized wolves. This pack is the definition of “go big or go home,” and trust us; they definitely delivered on the former.


Our personal favorite would be the tamable Scorpion because who doesn’t want a friend so sharp, they sting? Be warned, though! Scorpions come in two different colors. The green one loves raw meat and – if you put in enough effort – it could learn to love you.


The black one?


Let’s just say no amount of selfless love and carcasses would get this scorpion to even tolerate you.



Mob Towers


minecraft addons 1


This Minecraft addon is described as a “Battle Towers Addon” that basically gives Minecraft PE players brand-new objectives:


1)   Find all new Mob Towers (8 in total) …


2)   … and conquer them in cold blood


Raiding these modded towers is basically the same as raiding any naturally generated Minecraft structure. You go in, you whack-and-attack wherever necessary, and you collect some sweet, sweet loot along the way. In this case, the loot is dependent on the kind of Mob Tower – like the Stone, Cobble, Dessert, and Mesa Towers, just to name a few.


As you near the top, get ready to prove your mettle. Sharpen your steel and gird your loins, because a Tower Golem is waiting for you on the final level. Beat it and you’ve successfully bagged bragging rights as that Mob Tower’s conqueror. And some cool loot, of course. Usually diamonds.


Ender Horse


Ender Horse


Last – but most certainly not the least – on our list is the elusive Ender Horse.


Tall, majestic, and every bit as chaotic as you’d expect, this top Minecraft addon transforms the Zombie Steed – which, on its own, is already pretty spooky – into a terrifying creature that strikes fear and intimidation upon all who behold it.


Or something to that effect.


Seriously, though. The Ender Horse is a black, beautiful being with a purple mane and the ability to teleport. At random. You can tame this beast, but you can’t tame its teleportation. Neither can the Ender Horse. So where you two will end up is anyone’s guess.


But if you live for chaos, confusion, and the unknown, this Minecraft addon – and the mob it introduces to the game – should be right up your alley.




We hope this extensive list gave you ideas about how you can elevate your Minecraft experience to the next level with the best Minecraft addons available.


Let’s recap the Minecraft addons we covered:


Table of Contents:

  • Dragons
  • Mega Mech
  • Minecolonies Immersed
  • Mutant Creatures
  • Alien Invasion
  • Castle Siege
  • 3D Portal Gun Addon
  • Hallowed Hallow
  • Amazing Mobs
  • Mob Towers
  • Ender Horse
  • Conclusion


Which of these Minecraft addons do you think you’d try first? If you’re worried about them potentially crashing your game or causing it to glitch (somehow), don’t worry. Just like Minecraft mods, Minecraft add-ons are usually tested extensively by the devs before they’re released.


Did you like our Minecraft addons guide? Be sure to check out our other helpful guides below!



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